The world population by country


As per the recent update, the world population has skyrocketed to 7 billion to 8 billion inhabitants. The total population of this world is based on the comprehensive definition of the population that counts all the residents of a housing complex irrespective of the legal status of those people, except[…]

Homeschooling vs. public school –some genuine fact

Education, Parenting

Most of the individual worry about the fact that student of the home schooling aren’t perfectly socialized. Furthermore, if the teachers or trainers are supposed to make the student social; then why the parent cannot do? Some researcher says that, there are over 2.04 million understudies who are taught in[…]

The best universities in the world


If you are discussing about the best universities in the world, you have to know some special facts about the different universities. If you want to provide best education to your children, then place them in the university that is currently the highest in the world, which can be useful[…]