The world population by country

The world population by country


As per the recent update, the world population has skyrocketed to 7 billion to 8 billion inhabitants. The total population of this world is based on the comprehensive definition of the population that counts all the residents of a housing complex irrespective of the legal status of those people, except the refugees who do not settle permanently.

Nowadays, even those who occupy the asylum are counted as the part of the country. In and around 8000BC, the population of this world has been just 5 million approximately. The Industrial Revolution led to the massive rise in the population. In the 1800s, the population of the world was still only 1 billion. In the next 130 years, another 1 billion got added. The population of the world grows at the rate of 1.13% every year. Let us see the world population by countries.


It is already estimated that in the year 2022, India’s population is going to exceed China’s population. This way, India will become the most populated country in the world.


In the year 2049, Nigeria’s population is going to surpass even the US. Hence, Nigeria will become the third most populated country of the world. When China is expected to remain stable at 1 billion, Nigeria will have the population of 750 million in the year 2100.

The top 10 highly populated countries of the world

China ranks first when it comes to population. It has the population of 1369 million and next to China is India. Yes, India is the second most populated country, having the total population of 1270 million. This 1270 figure is expected to rise and soon India will become the most populated countries of the world. United States or the US is the third most populated country having the total population of just 321 million people. There is a huge difference between the second most populated country and the third. Indonesia, whose capital city is Jakarta, is the 4th most populated country featuring the population of 255 million. Brazil is fifth harboring the total inhabitants up to 204 million. Then comes the countries, namely, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, having the population of 189, 183, 158, 146, 126 million respectively.

How to calculate the population density?

The world population density is calculated by considering the land surface of the country. The figure for population density is attained by dividing the total population of the country by the area in square kilometer. Among the densely populated places, mention must be made to Macao, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gibralter. However, we cannot rely on the data of population density attained simply by dividing the total population and the area since most of the places are covered by dense forest areas, mountains, landscapes.

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