Negative effect of social media on youth

Negative effect of social media on youth

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You can run, you can hide, but you cannot escape from social media. Whether you love it, hate it, have it, do not have it, the social media and its users are all around you. It is such a powerful tool and medium that anyone and everyone is hooked on to it in some manner or the other. Coupled with that the advent of technology computers, laptops and smartphones all are more approachable. All these factors have made social media a powerful medium of interaction and entertainment.

Little Negative effect of social media on youth

Social Media is a strong tool that can impact one easily. Here is a few Negative effect of social media on youth.

Influences youth easily:

Social Media is a strong platform where people from all walks of life come and interact. Each person is diverse from the other and uses the social media platform for a different reason altogether. As a result, it is important that you choose the right set of friends online as online it is difficult to screen the people whom you might be befriending.

People Pretend Online:

Another major negative effect of social media on youth that as there is no actual or physical interaction one takes the liberty of pretending online. You will find people uploading various pretentious pictures and bio data of themselves to make them look appealing to the online crowd. However, it is not a good practice. People take the advantage of misusing the online platform by bluffing and saying lies about them. The online platform is a web of lies where we are not aware of the person’s real intentions ad might be engulfed in some major issue or trouble thanks to it.

Low Self Esteem:

Teenagers and youngsters start believing that the social media is the real world and gets it confused with reality. They start living in this world and taking it for true. People post pictures of others and post lies about themselves that others see and mistake as the reality. Others who see these lies start to suffer from low self-esteem as they think that they are inferior to others and hence it impacts them mentally and physically. This is a major Negative effect of social media on the youth

Social media account is an important tool that needs to be handled with care. The care has to be more when the youth are getting exposed to it.

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