Improving the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Improving the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning Unit


If you are running the air conditioner for even a few hours a day during the summer season, chances are that your electricity bill will end up skyrocketing. However, it is nearly impossible to survive without an air conditioner during the hotter parts of the year. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to use their air conditioners efficiently. As a result of this, they end up calling AC repair services far too often.

Some ways to improve your air conditioning efficiency

In this article, have put together a list of suggestions that will improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. Using these tips, you will be able to keep your air conditioners healthy and be able to save significant energy costs.

Close off the blinds

In case you have a window that is letting the hot sunlight, it will heat the thermostat up and hence your air conditioner will keep on running for longer. This will add up to your energy costs. Furthermore, sunlight from a hot sun will also heat your room which means that the air conditioning efficiency will be reduced significantly.

Do not cool the entire neighborhood

Chances are that the cold air inside your house seeps out into the atmosphere to worn out window seals and doors. This is especially true if your house does not have proper insulation. You may want to get an energy audit to figure out whether your house retains the cold air as well.

Performing a mini-audit yourself

You can also perform a quick audit yourself simply by standing outside your house and running your hand across the windows/doors. In case you can feel the cold air seeping out, it means that your house is not insulated well. As a result of this, your energy costs will become higher.

Don’t forget to use the fan

Making use of the ceiling can make you feel like the room is 10 degrees cooler. As a result of this, as much as 10% of the air condition energy can be saved.

To make this easy for you, consider installing smart ceiling fans. These fans get connected with an application that can be controlled remotely to adjust the speed of the fan. Along with that, you can also schedule the times for these fans to turn on and off.

Clean your condenser unit

In case the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is properly cleaned and has no debris, it will work efficiently. This is, in fact, one of the major factors that HVAC performance depends on.

However, consider taking professional help when you can. This is because professionals are aware of every small component that needs cleaning. Often at times, laymen tend to miss it out.

Reduce the usage of lamps and heat-producing appliances

Consider keeping appliances that produce heat away from the thermostat. In case you have any heat-producing appliances such as the refrigerator near the thermostat, the air conditioner will keep on running to further cool the room down. After all, this is what the thermostat tells it to do.

Get an AC check-up regularly

Lastly, the most important point is to get your air conditioner checked up regularly. In case there is a fault, reach out to your local air conditioner repair services Huntington immediately. This is because running a faulty air conditioner will increase your costs. Furthermore, the cooling will not be efficient at all as a result of which you might have to let the air conditioner running for longer than usual. Ultimately, running a faulty air conditioner can further make things work by damaging the internal components.

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