Pros And Cons Of White Granite Countertops

Pros And Cons Of White Granite Countertops

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Granite countertops are available in a lot of varieties and colors. You can choose from an array of colors of granite. One of the very ethereal colors of granite kitchen countertops is white granite. Here are some pros and cons of white granite countertops.

What Is White Granite?

White granite is a great material which is made out of a lighter colored igneous rock. It has a lot of light-colored mica which gives it the characteristic white color. Along with that, it has subtle veining of greys, blacks and muddy whites. This material looks extremely ethereal and beautiful.

Pros Of White Granite Countertops

Some advantages of white granite countertops are as follows:

It Looks Beautiful

No doubt white is a beautiful color. It is majestic, timeless and elegant. It has something very royal and luxurious about it. White colored countertops are very modern and minimalistic. They are great for smaller and bigger kitchens and they will look extremely beautiful against any interior. White is also a very rare color to find in kitchens, so it looks very different and unique.

It Makes The Room Look Spacious

White is a light and muted color, so it has extreme room brightening properties. It is great to install in smaller kitchens where the space looks cramped. The white countertops will make the room look elongated and it will look spacious and bright. If you have some natural lighting coming in your kitchen, it will reflect against the white countertops and it will make the room look bright and refreshing.

Great Color Contrast

White is a great color to contrast against any color. It looks good with any interior color and it will go with almost any material. It will look good with wooden cabinets, steel cabinets, darker colored cabinets, etc. It will make the room look more put together and amazing. So, white is a very breezy color to match the kitchen interior with.

Cons Of White Granite Countertops

Some cons of white granite countertops are as follows:

White Is Not A Stain-Friendly Color

White, as much as a great color it is, is not an easy color to deal with. It is a very troublesome color because even a minimal stain will show. White color also shows a lot of dust and debris, so you should clean it more frequently. White is also a very complicated color. It is a very hard color to deal with. Along with that, it is also expensive. White is a very rare color to find in granite, this is why it is not available for sale in a lot of shops and it can be hard to get your hands on.

It Is Porous

Granite, in general, is porous. So, white granite is also a porous. Because of its color and composition, it needs to be sealed and polished on a regular basis. Polishing and sealing the countertops can add a lot, if you think about it. If you don’t seal it, then water and other fluids can easily seep into the rock and it can lead to damage and it can break the rock easily. So, it needs to be taken care of properly, otherwise the beauty of white granite will soon degrade and will lose its elegance.

Hard To Clean

White, being a complicated color, can be very hard to clean. White granite countertops need to be cleaned extremely well on a daily basis because it can leave a lot of stains and marks, and if you don’t clean it then the countertop can look very dirty and poorly kept. You also cannot use abrasive cleaners and rough sponges on the surface of white granite because it will leave a lot of scratches on the surface. So, it should be kept in mind on how to properly take care of the countertop and make it last longer.

There you have it! Now you know everything there is to know about white granite, how it looks in the kitchen, how popular it is among other people, etc., you can also see if white granite is fit for your kitchen or not. Go to a granite company Durham NC to select white granite countertops for your kitchen.

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