Marble vs Granite for kitchen tops: What is better?

Marble vs Granite for kitchen tops: What is better?

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Marble and granite are both natural stones used as a kitchen and bathroom countertops. Both of them have various similarities and differences. Before we get onto comparing granite countertops with marble countertops, let us first look into their similarities and formation.

Granite and marble countertops, both are porous stones. Marble is formed due to intense pressure and heat in the earth’s crust. It is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone.

On the contrary, granite is an igneous rock. It is made up of small pieces of compressed mica, feldspar, quartz and other materials. This makes granite a little harder than marble. However, they both are fairly durable materials.

Comparing both Marble and Granite

If you are confused between which one of these materials should you choose for the countertops in your home, this comparison might help you.

Their appearance

Appearance wise, both marble and granite are great looking materials in their own way. Granite has smaller grains that come in a variety of colors. Therefore, a granite countertop will contain various shades of different colors due to its grain. Most commonly seen grain colors are blue, pink, green, red, orange etc. This mostly comes in darker shades, a prime trait of igneous rocks.

On the other hand, marble has a vein like pattern that is much larger in size as compared to granite’s smaller grains. For this reason, there are not many different shades of colors in a single slab of marble. However, marble does come in a couple of different colors. You can find a gray and pink slab or a gray and blue slab. Most of these slabs will have a grayish background with blue or pink veins running through it.

While both marble and granite are beautiful materials, the final option obviously lies with what you like better and what goes in with your house. Check out a number of different granite and marble slabs and see which fits your preference better.

Durability, hardness and maintenance

Both marble and granite are extremely durable. However, they are only durable as long as they are properly sealed and resealed every 2 years. This is because they are both porous materials so without a proper seal, liquids will seep into the countertop and stain the slab. They are both vulnerable to acid, especially marble. So even with a proper seal, any acidic food or liquid should be immediately cleaned off of the slab.

As about hardness, granite is a little harder than marble. This makes it more resistant to scratches as compared to marble. However, both these materials are reasonably heat resistant. Despite that, you should be very careful while using hot pans near the slabs.

While both of these countertops require proper maintenance, marble requires slightly more as compared to granite. This is mostly because of their seals that they require. Other than that, marble and granite are not hard to maintain. However, they are still high maintenance as compared to other countertop materials.


While the cost of the countertops greatly depends on the style of sinks, the number of corners etc. it is fair to say that marble countertops are slightly more expensive as compared to granite countertops. While choosing the countertops, try to get at least 3-5 written estimates from countertop contractors as well as installers. This will help you figure out which one of these materials suit your budget better.


Both granite and marble countertops Rockville MD provide a luxurious look. Therefore, if you are willing to put in the efforts of maintaining them and resealing them every 2 years, then they are definitely one of the best choices for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

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