How To Choose A Rug For Stairs

How To Choose A Rug For Stairs


Rugged stairs look cooler than the ones without any rug, so to say. People find it enthralling to place a suitable rug on the staircase. Hence, there are various questions as to what kind of rug should be chosen when looking for wholesale oriental rugs.

Here’s some important pointers you need to take into your consideration.

Consider The Color And Pattern Of The Rug

It is really important for you to see how it’s going to look on your stairs. It should definitely look stylish and voguish, so to say. When you are out in the market, you are likely to skim through many wonderful rug colors and patterns but you will have to end up with just one albeit there might be plenty to lure you into purchasing literally all of them.

Most people who want to avoid struggling for a perfect rug end up having a custom stair runner. Those who don’t mind looking around for just the best piece have plenty of options to hand-pick from. There are striped stair rugs, floral stair rugs and so on. Color depends on the flooring of your staircase, to be precise.

It Should Be Durable, Tough And Resilient

Rugs should be durable and long-lasting if they are to be placed in heavy-traffic areas like stairs. People, for one thing or the other, keep walking back to their rooms using the staircase, hence, it is one of the busiest areas of your house. Whichever rug you place in this part of your abode, make sure it is tough enough to bear with all the frequent movement. Installing a rug in stairs is certainly not an easy thing to do, therefore, save yourself from trouble and get a ‘toughie’ that can remain intact for several years. Once your rug grows out, you can no longer keep it; a grown-out carpet is most likely to dull your home’s ambiance.

Does Thickness Matter?

Well, a layman would surely think that if a rug is abundantly thick, it is surely going to be tough and durable. To your disappointment, this is just the hearsay and has nothing to do with the reality. Most of the thick carpets found in the market are filled with air, and their thickness ensures nothing. Their thickness is in fact puffiness caused by the air filled inside. Many sellers dupe their potential customers into believing in these logical fallacies. Know, it’s a trap if someone says something like that to you!

Is It Better To Have An Underpad?

Some people are extra protective of the things they buy and there’s no downside to being protective, so to say. If you truly love your things and you would like to see them stay in the same shape and condition for a great deal of years, you ought to be a little extra careful. If you want your rug to not roughen up from the back, you can place an underpad beneath it. If you don’t feel it’s a necessity, you shouldn’t force yourself into considering it one. It will still be as attractive as it is without an underpad.

Rug Materials To Choose From

There are various materials to choose from, you don’t have to worry about the variety. There are enough options for rugs in the market and therefore you will not have to settle for anything you barely like. Just try searching for the right thing, do not give up on the forage. Here are few types of rug material we think will look best on your staircase

Micro-hooked wool: These rugs are welcoming towards heavy mobility, they don’t tend to look worn out due to heavy traffic. On a side note, they are so soft and mushy – if you are habitual of walking around the house barefoot, you would love your feet to feel cushioned. If you have a pet, it would no longer yearn for your lap, it is surely gonna love to take a nap on the stairs.

Indoor-outdoor rug: They are not at all heavy to carry. They are the lightest of all the rugs. If you want a nonchalant ambience in your house, you should definitely buy one of these. On the plus side, these rugs have a plethora of wonderful patterns to offer – you would love to leaf through the variety rug stores Vienna VA have in in this type.

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