Your Guide To Car Detailing

Your Guide To Car Detailing


Car detailing is an extensive term, which means to clean and maintain your car from top to bottom and if you have a Mercedes, then you should only go to an authorized Mercedes Benz repair shops or a certified Mercedes Benz mechanic. Mercedes Benz is an expensive car and requires thorough protection and maintenance and it is only carried out through Mercedes approved car care products which are mostly stocked at authorized Mercedes Benz repair shops.

Certified Mercedes Benz mechanic

You can also follow up a detailed car detailing guide and do it at least once a month so that your car is protected from all sorts of external damage and wear and tear and looks new and shiny. As for a Mercedes, you can always visit a certified Mercedes Benz mechanic.

Step by step guide for your car detailing.

  1. First, you need to inspect your car thoroughly, whether it has scratches or how much is the damage, what is the texture of the paint like? Does it have stubborn grime and grease stains? Is your paint shining or is it rough? If your paint is smooth as silk ten your car detailing will consist of a thorough 45-minute washing once a week but if not then it needs a paint job.
  2. If the texture of your paint is rough with stains then it will need a proper cleaning of at least 3 hours to make it shiny and stain free. You can also use a specialized paint cleaner or paint foam for this task.
  3. Once you have properly washed your car then you can further inspect for any scratches or damage. Minor scratches on your car can be easily fixed with a scratch polish or even grease. If you have deep scratches then it can be fixed easily with a good quality scratch remover polish. This process will take around an hour depending on the damage. For scratches on a Mercedes, it is advisable to go to an authorized Mercedes Benz repair shops.
  4. Then your car is ready for a wax. A wax will make your car as good as new. You need to wax your car at least 4 times a year while polishing is recommended twice a year.
  5. Assess the condition of your tires and rims. Use a good tire cleaner and a rim cleaner which does not discolor or damage the rims and cleans the stubborn stains and grime.
  6. After the exterior, go towards the interior. You will need to vacuum the inside of your car seats to remove all the dirt and dust. If you regularly vacuum your car then it will take only 15 minutes to vacuum, where if not then it will take more time. Wash and scrub the mats and if your car has leather then use a leather cleaner for cleaning.
  7. Clean with an interior cleaner, the dashboard and the weel of the car.
  8. Clean the windows with a car glass cleaner from inside and outside to make the windows shine and look polished.
  9. In the end deodorize your whole car to make it smell fresh, clean, polished and new. It is best to get your car cleaned annually by a certified Mercedes Benz mechanic so that all the details are also cared for.

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