Things to Consider When Buying a Split Type AC

Things to Consider When Buying a Split Type AC

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Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own home and your personal space is your home where you should be able to be comfortable and unwind. During the summer, air conditioning is mostly needed for that to become possible. Purchasing an air conditioner can cool your home in a more efficient way, and you will save money for as long as you know what you need. There is real information about buying a split AC you should know. In addition, you can always contact air conditioner repair companies to get more advice on how to choose the right one. There are tips here that you can follow so you will pick the right.

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Determine the Tonnage

You would have to figure out the tonnage of your split Air conditioner that you are considering to buy. This would be dependent on a couple of factors like the room area, type of floor, etc. To give you a fast analysis, 1000 cubic feet volume needs a capacity of 1 ton; it is like a room that has 1500 cubic feet which needs 1.5 ton of capacity. As the standard of this, a 1.5-ton split AC is what most people go for because it serves its purpose well.

The Zones

A split air conditioner with a single zone might not be enough to keep several rooms in your home because it means that it might be necessary for you to buy 1 that has a triple or dual zone effect for better cooling. You would have to spend additional money, but you will keep yourself from buying an AC that is not efficient for your entire home. There 2 handlers in the dual zones, and the triple zone ones have 3. Ideally, you would want to have only 1 handler in every room in your home. A good alternative is to buy a system that has enough BTUs to cover a lot of rooms without concerning a lot of air handlers.

The Energy Efficiency of the Unit

A lot of split ACs are certified by Energy Star, and this lets you know right away that there are a lot of options that works well when it comes to energy efficiency. As what you would expect, if you want a larger space or more rooms to get cool, then you will use more energy. However, the choice to only cool that space you are utilizing any moment will keep your usage low. If you are making a decision between several models, it is important to consider energy efficiency. Check what the SEER rating of the unit is. All mini-split air conditioner is going to give the specs rating they need and the more number there is, the better the performance of the A/C unit is in regards to energy use overall.

Tubing Purchase

Aside from buying a split AC, you would have to buy tubing. It is used for connecting the inside and outside parts of the unit, and how much tubing you require depends on the distance between the indoor and outdoor parts.

Other Features

When you are finished making a decision about the major features, you can also take a loot at the additional features being offered by different brands. We think that you need to look at the kind of compressor, noise levels, fancy features, 4-way swing, temperature control and others.

Hiring AC repair technicians

It is obviously a big investment so you should choose the one that will last long. For sure it is frustrating for you to pay for costly repairs or worse is having to replace the AC after only a few years. There are split ACs that come with a warranty, so you are sure that you can depend on the product for a long time or the cost to get it fixed is minimal. Read about the brand’s reputation and reviews to get an idea of how long the unit lasted for other people.

Before buying a split AC, read the tips given above and make sure that you have researched ac repair companies Tysons Corner VA near you for future maintenance purposes to keep your unit working smoothly over the years.

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