Why Buy Handmade Rugs Over Machine Made Rugs?

Why Buy Handmade Rugs Over Machine Made Rugs?


All these stores that put on different Rugs on sale at their very entrance offer you a reasonable amount of price for these pieces of mat. But the question is how would you decide which one is better?

Handmade Rugs

There are two kinds of rugs you are most likely to find in a rug store the one which is made out of machine and the one which is completely handmade (no lies). Many people prefer handmade rugs and urge others to do the same. The three main types of handmade rugs that are popular for their complexity and style are listed below:

  1. Hand Knotted Rugs

These rugs were formerly used by nomads. This rug is composed of horizontal looms which are basically two wooden ribs held down to the ground and a warp is fastened between the legs of these woods. The dimension in which the rug is knotted results in geometrical motifs and creates a higher knot density than most of the rugs in rug stores.

  1. Flat Weave Rugs

The prime difference between a hand knotted rug and flat weave rug is that this rug is woven on a loop rather than knotted by interconnecting vertical and horizontal threads which may have variable materials. Silk, linen, cotton and wool are few of the most common warp threads used for its manufacture. These are super thin which make them one of the most unique rugs on sale in the market place.

  1. Hand-Tufted Rugs

A loop pile is formed for the manufacture of hand tufted rugs. A handheld drill helps the pile to be inserted into a cloth base which results in the formation of loop pile. A greater density can be added to the rug if there is a mix of loop and cut piles in abundance. The last step requires a canvas just like fabric which is fixed to the forepart of the rug in a very professional manner.

Machine Made Rugs

Machine made rugs are controlled automatically with computers and remotes. Since machinery is involved it is pretty obvious that the process is faster. Machine made rugs are comparatively cheaper, consume less time and can last longer if handled with care. But then again, handmade rugs are genuine and machine made rugs are never going to reach that standard!


The most common materials you would find for the manufacture of machine made rugs are nylon, polypropylene, synthetic fibers and polyester.

How Machine Made and Hand Made Rugs Are Different

  1. The rear side of the handmade rug shows uneven knotting of threads as they are done manually, while a machine made rug has a perfect alignment and patterned knotting.
  2. Another way is to look closely at the border where the fringes appear. A handmade rug has fringes as the extension of the rug foundation whereas a machine made rug has fringes which are sewn perfectly along the border.

Why Choose Handmade Rugs Over Anything Else

No matter how much care about the machine rugs, one day they are eventually going to breakout. You might have to spend more but you will never regret buying handmade rugs because they have excellent qualities which are listed below:

  1. Its functionality and durability is outstanding. If treated rightly they can last for decades
  2. It takes decades to create a handmade rug, therefore the design detail and the skill work is delicate as well as sturdy
  3. Generations after generations these heirlooms are passed down to the families as a token of love and passion therefore carrying its own significance.
  4. All kinds of handmade rugs including traditional, fancy, oriental, antique, floral, luxury and abstract design are crafted by the professionals.
  5. The dyes and material threads used to create it are finest quality material.
  6. Because of its unevenness stands out in the market place from the machine made rugs.
  7. Machine made rugs are somewhat similar therefore making it ordinary pieces of mat whereas every hand made rug has its own design detail.

If you are looking for the best piece of work not only in the terms of decoration but in the sense of originality and uniqueness then Handmade rugs are the best option for you. They might cost you a little more but rugs on sale are always there to help you out. Impressive and unique designs available at the rug stores VA will help you make up your mind.

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