Tips for Basement Renovation

Tips for Basement Renovation

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Your basement is done, but it is an empty space that can be converted into something that can add a good living space. It can become an office, a place where you can entertain guests, or it could be your personal quiet space. If you are thinking of renovating your basement, there are a lot of options you can choose from and important information you need to know. Before calling any home addition design contractor, you 1st have to know what you want and it helps to already come up with an idea of how you want it to look after. There are tips written here that you can follow so that you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Renovation ideas for your basement

Make sure it is completely dry

Check if there are any water issues in the basement before starting any renovation job. See if there are drips or pools of water that are coming through the walls. You can also inspect outside to make sure that the ground has enough distance from the foundation. In addition, look for any cracks in the foundation walls and if necessary, have that damage repaired.


While in the process of having a basement renovation, consider that you should think about smart storage options so that it will not eat up living space. While you want to have a lot of storage, you should pick the ones that are functional without taking up too much space. Built-in cabinets can be placed on the walls, and the things you store there will not cause any clutter or mess in the basement. In addition, add more built-ins around the entertainment center adds coziness which could also be for seating and you can pillows and blankets there too.

Add paint to the walls

A fresh paint can add a remarkable touch to your renovated basement. Choose light and airy colors like light blue, soft gray, buttery yellow, or dirty white for your basement balls because they help an enclosed space feel welcoming. You can also put a painting where there is an accent wall. A lot of basement walls are made using concrete blocks that absorb huge amounts of paint making it harder, which is why you need to hire a professional for this part of the job.

 Proper lighting

Consider the sources of light available to you and think about this in advance. Lighting could come from various elements and dimensions, which standouts in your space. A renovation or additional lighting is beautiful, so think about where windows can be placed while considering how it can influence the style of your home. If there is option for windows, chandeliers, canned, sconces, lamps, and/or great vintage finds are going to look good in the basement.

Have an imaginative design

There are times when the best designs come from elements that are already there, but new touches were added to them. If you will be starting from scratch with a basement that is incomplete, you can get really creative. An amazing pair you can do is wooden rafters and cement floors to achieve a high-end look with a loft style feel to it. Moreover, wrought-iron industrial lights add character to your basement.

Improve the old basement floor

Add life to your basement floor by covering the old concrete. This is an awesome place to add another light color to old decors. You can install a nice and comfortable carpet or it could also be good quality laminated wood that has a warm finish.

Squeeze-in a bathroom

Another one of the main tips is to utilize the spacious cold-storage areas like under the entry or porch because these places can sometimes have insulation which could be converted into a bathroom. Lower ceilings can be appropriate for the toilet and/or shower areas for these types of bathrooms.

An old basement is not just a room for dumping things because you can have it remodeled and renovated the way you want it to increase its functionality and purpose in the house. In addition, there are a lot of retail remodel mclean va options you can choose from to make the renovation job a lot easier for you.  

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