Themed masquerade party ideas

Themed masquerade party ideas


Earlier, party meant a few friends gathering at somebody’s house. Apart from ordering pizza, dance and music, party rental company there are other things to consider in a masquerade party. Details like invitations to food should be looked into. A themed party creates more thrill than just a dance, especially if it is a masquerade. The faces hidden behind the mask creates a mysterious atmosphere. Here are a few themes to make the party a success.

Party Planning Tips

Classic Hollywood – Select themes such as actors/ actress or Hollywood era, say the 50s or the 60s where guests can imitate Marilyn Monroe and other actors. Play the music of that period, try some games such as pop culture quiz of a particular period. To decorate the place, go for cutouts of the stars, sparkling light and the red carpet.

Black and white mask – A simple and not so expensive theme for a masquerade party. Color schemes will go well with the classic black and white mask. The white masks can be decorated with crystals while black can have vintage jewels and ostrich feather. The men can go for masks painted in black and white colors.

Burlesque – You can decorate the masks with different feather colors like bright greens, pinks with black. The masks can be a black or red lace mask, feathered stick mask. Along with it you can carry feather fans.

Venetian Mask – Whether simple or elaborate designs, traditional Venetian mask on paper mache goes well with Victorian dresses and wigs for masquerade party.

Carnival – Dresses are usually colorful and range from showgirl to burlesque costumes. In the case, it is difficult to get dressed, one could just go to the theme mask, such as stick mask accompanied with bright colors, striped Venetian mask, sequined mask, glittering mask, etc.

Gothic Party – For a gothic themed party, try masks that are Gothic inspired. If you are going to a Victorian style party, masks can be elegant but on the lines of Gothic elegance. For a costume, try to make use of your Halloween costume.

Murder Mystery – Create a murder mystery story and let the guests be a part of the story. The murder mystery can be set in an era so that dress can be selected accordingly. Consider elegant dinner party with glittering masks in black, silver, and gold.

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