Fighting Against Assault and Battery Charges

Fighting Against Assault and Battery Charges


Be it plain touching or some violent striking, assault and battery attorney will make it sure that the client is derived of all the charges. Assault and battery charges may be levied upon a person who may be well involved in activities of punching, pushing, spitting, or kicking another personal intentionally. One can commit such offense through threats, indirect force, or even some attempt to use the force. Anyone charged with such an offense should look for proper legal help to deal with the circumstances.

Assault and Battery can offer serious legal ramifications

Remember, this type of an offense may lead to serious legal consequences. By any chance, if you have been accused of such offense, immediately seek legal help. Look for an experienced and well reputed assault lawyer in Rockville. Taking right kind of legal help may save you from facing jail sentence or even may alleviate the charges. A little bit of careless approach can result in severe punishments. The list is provided below:

  • Imprisonment up to 6 months
  • Getting the name permanently in the criminal record book
  • Heavy penalty money
  • Staying in probation

Defense mechanism

There are dense attorney and legal help available all round. Anyone being charged with battery assault can take legal help to defend themselves. In fact, if situations can be tackled intelligently, then avoiding jail terms never becomes a difficult. Evidences and circumstances play major role in the process. Also, it is necessary to hire a defense attorney having specialization in handling cases of assault and battery. A general lawyer may not be able to proceed through the cleverest route. Have a look at the common defenses that can be achieved against these charges.

Self Defense

Probably the most common dense mechanism used against these charges. However, the accused need to prove his/her innocence under the following points:

  • Action taken against some kind of threat that may lead to harm against the accused
  • Preventing the victim to harm themselves that lead to some threats
  • No harm is actually done to the victim
  • Helpless situation that resulted in the consequences

Defense to Property

This type of a defense is applicable in only a few states. As a defendant, you can claim that the violent act was committed in defense to your property against some kind of illegal invasion. However, this method requires strong evidence and personal vigilance team from the court will take matter in their own hand to investigate about the situation. A reputed assault and battery lawyer will definitely prove to be highly effective in handling such situations.

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