How To Settle Divorce Outside The Court

How To Settle Divorce Outside The Court


It is common when you contact a family attorney to seek divorce; they first recommend you to settle everything outside the court. This is how you prevent any fights and keep the cool but it is not easy to do that.

Below are a few tips which may help you sort out everything outside the court.

Discuss With Your Spouse

The first and foremost thing you should do after finalizing the decision of divorce is to discuss your concerns with your spouse to see what is his/her opinion about this matter. Maybe your spouse tries to settle things between you both first in order to prevent divorce but if your spouse also wants the divorce then you can mutually come to an agreement. This is the simplest and easiest way to settle divorce outside the court but it only happens when both parties are ready for divorce and make final agreement without any objections or concerns.

Look for Mediator

This is considered as the most workable option when a couple is not willing to have a contested divorce yet unable to reach any fair agreement over certain issues. Mediator helps you to come to an agreement which is beneficial for both the parties by making some negotiations between them. The job of a mediator is to listen to both parties about their differences and suggest the best possible way out. This is how you can settle your divorce completely out of court through mediation which also helps you in not offending each other in court with harsh hearings.

Be Practical With Your Expectations

It is natural to have certain objections and problems with your spouse which make you reach the level of taking divorce but you cannot handle such matters while getting emotional. You can still afford to become emotional if you are taking divorce through court but if you do not want to involve court then you have to keep your emotions aside. Don’t fight over issues which you know will have no results in the end so be realistic and practical with your expectations to end this process calmly as soon as possible.

Opt For Collaborative Divorce

This is another way of settling divorce outside the court when you and your spouse agree to the terms and conditions mutually to finally dissolve the marriage. This comes under non-confrontational approach where each partner has to collaborate with a trained lawyer and then meetings are setup between four members. These meetings are arranged to check out all the differences and reach an agreement with mutual settlement to end the marriage.

Be Flexible With Your Requirements

This is not a secret but as most people ignore it, we should treat it as a secret. The basic requirement for dissolving marriage outside the court is to avoid fighting as much as possible. And for this, you have to be extremely flexible with your requirements and final agreement because differences of opinions are what will take you to the court. This flexibility is very difficult to show in case of children but if you still want to settle things out of the court then you will have to show some flexibility here too.

Submit Your Final Agreement to the Court

This is the last step to dissolve your marriage when you come to a final agreement and everything is settled between both of the partners. You have to sign the agreement in the presence of your lawyers and then present it to the judge to issue the final order. The judge will first review your case and agreements to see if they are fulfilling the legal requirements of your state and then issue the final court order of divorce.

Make a Mutual Parenting Plan

The procedure of divorce usually gets complicated when you have children together and usually end up divorce proceedings in the court. But in order to stay out of court, you need to create a parenting plan with the help of your spouse mutually so you can cover up the differences. So in this plan, you can finalize who will spend how much time with children, who will pay the child support, who will stay with the children and so on. All this information is documented at one place and then you can share it with the best divorce lawyers Fairfax VA for final proceedings in the court.

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