Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Hair Loss In Women

Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Hair Loss In Women


Women want to feel confident about their hair and maybe that’s why women are often extremely fearful of hair fall. According to many statistics, women lose more hair than men and the number is ridiculously high, almost 50%. That’s why many women opt for hair transplantation for long, dense hair.

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss in Women?

Hair loss doesn’t just have one cause. It can be a combination of many causes that trigger extreme hair loss, especially in women. Women are more liable to losing to hair, and some of the reasons why, are listed down:

Using Too Much Heat on Your Hair

Women love to heat-style their hair whether it’s for work or for going out. Women love to “dress up” their hair as well. While there is nothing wrong with making your hair look good, you have to decrease the amount of heat you use on your hair. The main culprit for hair loss in women is excessive use of heating and styling tools. Heating tools generate a lot of heat and they severely weaken the hair. Heat makes the hair brittle and dry, which, later, falls from the scalp. Proper conditioning is required for your hair, especially if you use heat on your hair every single day. Limiting heat usage on your hair will definitely make a huge difference.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones in women play a huge role in determining whether your hair is in good condition or not. A lot of women suffer from hormonal disorders like Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (also known as PCOS). PCOS can cause severe hair loss in women. Luckily, PCOS can be treated with regular hormone-balancing drugs, but it is definitely a culprit in making the hair weak and, in turn, causing major hair loss. Another hormonal balance is necessary in women to make sure that they don’t lose a lot of hair, and that is a regular menstrual cycle. As much as women regret this time of the month, this cycle also regulates your hair health. Having an irregular menstrual cycle can lead to many problems, one of them being severe hair loss. You can undergo hormone therapy with the advice of your physician to regrow hair.

Iron Deficiency

Another main cause of hair loss in women is due to iron deficiency. Because of menstruation, women naturally have lower iron levels than men, and if their levels are not checked regularly, it can cause severe anemia. One of the biggest reasons for hair loss is anemia and iron deficiency, and since women suffer from this issue a lot more than men, they also experience a lot more hair fall as well.

Unhealthy Scalp

This issue is more generalized for both genders, but since women tend to experiment with different hair care products, their scalps have a lot of build-up in them as well. Improper cleaning of the scalp can lead to a lot of hair fall. If your hair follicles are unable to breathe, they will eventually weaken and let go of the hair they are holding in place. This is why it is so important to clean your scalp properly. If the scalp isn’t clean, dandruff can form very easily. So, it is suggested to clean your scalp properly after every wash.


Some women have naturally thinner and sparse hair than other women. This runs in the family. Thinner hair is more prone to breakage and severe hair loss. This is not specifically a disease, it’s just familial and hereditary.

Symptoms of Hair Loss in Women

Some of the main symptoms of female hair loss are:

  • You will see a lot of hair breakage on your brush, on your clothes, on your bed, etc. Hair, when it’s weak, can be broken by the slightest force on it, so whenever you are brushing your hair, you might notice a lot more hair loss than usual.
  • Your hair parting will be visible. Healthy hair and scalp can be identified by an almost invisible hair parting. If you are losing a lot of hair on a daily basis, then your parting will be easily visible.
  • Balding around your forehead is also a huge sign that you are losing a lot of hair. You will be able to see your scalp around your forehead a lot more easily than before.

Treatment of Female Hair Loss

If you want to treat it with a medicine, you can take minoxidil. Moreover, light therapy is also used solely or in combination with minoxidil.

Some women are directed towards hormone therapy or injections like corticosteroid and platelet-rich plasma.

However, the best option for women dealing with hair loss is hair transplantation. You can visit a hair transplantation center to learn if you are eligible for the procedure.

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