Granite Countertops – Built to Last

Granite Countertops – Built to Last

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Upgrading your kitchen to a granite countertop not only makes your kitchen interior look sophisticated but also gives you an outstanding functionality since they are durable, heat-resistant and most of all it adds value to your house. Adding granite to your kitchen countertop may be a bit pricey depending on the type and design that you’re getting, the usual price would range from $70 to $150 per square foot.

Some households would also use granites in their bathrooms, with so many designs, patterns or color shades that you can choose from, you will surely find one that matches the furniture that you have at home. More and more people are now considering replacing their old countertops to granites, however, it is also important that you know a good granite contractor to do the job.

Tips for Hiring Granite Contractor

  • Checking on possible contractors near your place and asking them for estimates is advisable. This way, you can compare different prices and the available installers as well.
  • Ask for the installer’s license especially if the place you live in requires it, doing the same thing with the company he works for is a must.
  • Ask for some recommendations from previous customers, some would even show you their collection of works to which you may have something that you wanted to use for your kitchen project.
  • Visiting different countertop showrooms gives you a lot of ideas and choices to use, as soon as you have decided to hire a particular company to do the work, bringing your installer with you would be better in order to show him how you would like your kitchen to be like.

Hiring a granite installer may take time especially if you really wanted to make sure that you only get the best. It also helps that you already have an idea on what you wanted to have and just show it to your installer. Experienced contractors would already know the pros and cons of a particular material that you wanted to use just by looking at them.

Benefits of Using Granite

  1. Heat Resistance – granites are commonly used in kitchens mainly because it can endure the heat that most of your kitchen appliance produce, whether its beside the stove or under a microwave or toaster, it wouldn’t cause any damage to your countertop.
  2. Scratch Proof – knifes are all over the kitchen, and although we usually have chopping boards when we cut and chop, there are times that knives would slip out of the board. No matter how often this might happen, you won’t find any scratches on your granite.
  3. Durability – with proper care, granites may last for several years, so if you are looking for something that would last, using granites are the ones to consider.
  4. Adds Value to the House – houses that have granites all over the kitchen tend to be more attractive and classy home at the same time. This is why houses that would go on sale would invest on upgrading to granites so that it can attract more buyers as well as mark up on the price.

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