Volkswagen emission crisis killing the company

Volkswagen emission crisis killing the company

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The Volkswagen emission crisis is one of the latest scandals that is running the company and making it worse. With every passing day, pollution is increasingly becoming a cause for concern. Many times important and famous companies have come under the radar for adding to the crisis and making it worse.

What is the Volkswagen emission crisis all about?

The crisis is not a recent development rather it was an old issue that happened way back in 2007. Volkswagen emission, unlike its competitors, did not opt for AdBlue a system that is ideal for diesel exhaust system. The cars were ready and refitting the diesel fluid system meant that there 2009 year would have been a washout without a proper 2009 model. The company did not have the appetite to take that hit in profit and hence preferred to cheat the test. It is not clear that at the top management took the call and called the shots. However, a call of such great magnitude must have had been taken by a top brass instead of a low-level executive.

A lot of people are saying that the erstwhile CEO Martin Winterkorn had set the extremely steep level of profit and was overly ambitious. Now is that they are coming out in the open it is believed that the company has failed it is fuel efficiency levels its EA 189 has not been able to meet the normal standards of emission.

Is the Volkswagen emission crisis killing the company?

The group chairperson of Volkswagen has warned the top level managers that the VW emission crises is so grave that it poses a threat to the company, and they would need to work hard to be back on track. When Volkswagen admitted to the fraud, they said that figure of vehicles impacted was as grave as 11 million. The company has had to pay an extremely heavy price for this mess up and faced huge loss. As much as $ 34 million worth of company’s shares has come down.

Though the Environment Protection Agency claims that the only as many as 5 million diesel cars were impacted in reality, the number is really huge. The whole affair started in 2008, and the company is set to install new software that would have assisted them to cheat on the diesel emission norms with ease and comfort without being detected.

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