Common Elbow Injuries You Should Know

Common Elbow Injuries You Should Know


Basically, one’s elbow is a joint in which humerus bone, radius bone, and ulna bone is connected together to form a joint, which functions like hinges, yet with elbow injuries, a person might suffer from a painful experience.

The ulna bone and radius bone enable the elbow to rotate around your forearm. The primary function of an elbow is to move back and forward and rotate around. Tendons are basically connected to the elbow and can be injured easily because of sudden impact and aging. Elbow is one of the easily injured parts of one’s body because it’s like a socket joint and ball in which the ball may slip out easily.

Some of the common elbow injuries include:


Dislocation of elbow is one of several serious elbow injuries that may be sustained. Oftentimes, it’s caused by injury or trauma like a sudden impact from a full contact sports including football or high fall from activities like rock climbing. Patients will suffer immediate loss of motion in elbow and extreme pain. Depending on the level of severity, an elbow might look like it’s deformed because of the bones that are sticking out. The bones will be rejoined back in the short possible time. Many people will try pushing back the bone, but it’s a big mistake because this must only be performed by trained medical personnel under sedation to avoid further damages to surrounding tendons.

Olecranon Bursitis

The patients who are suffering from this kind of elbow injury will experience swelling at their elbow and would feel pain every time they move. Olecranon Bursitis is because of the inflammation of bursa and it’s often caused by using elbow too much or infection. Usually, it is because of prolonged periods of leaning on your elbow with the body weight leaning on it.


It is another serious elbow injury and symptoms are the same to dislocation. This is also caused by sudden fall or impact and landing on your hand, which could cause your elbow to fracture. The patients will suffer in loss of motion, yet not as much as dislocation. In a more severe case, the patients might even experience numbness and may indicate possible nerve damages. Since the fractures are cracks in your bone, you might experience loss in blood circulation and it can be diagnosed by a lower temperature in a weakened pulse or injured area.

The elbow injuries are inevitable and these could happen to anyone. Nevertheless, you have to remember that once your elbow is used heavily and once you fail to take good care of this, it would cause much inconvenience to one’s daily life.

If you think you are suffering from an elbow injury, make sure to visit your doctor at the soonest time possible to avoid any serious damage. If your injury is serious, an elbow surgery clinic is recommended. However, if there’s another way to treat your elbow injury, ask your doctor if it is suitable for you or not.

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