Is It Expensive to Remove a Fallen Tree?

Is It Expensive to Remove a Fallen Tree?

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Luckily, there are expert tree removal services to help remove fallen, split, obstructive trees, learning as well as tree and underbrush clearance. Definitely, these services are not free, but they may be covered by your house owners insurance.

If your place just recently experienced a storm that left you with a toppled tree in your yard, you are maybe asking yourself how much a tree service company will charge to remove it. Continue reading to learn the average costs of having a fallen tree efficiently removed.

Tree removal prices

The price for the tree removal is dependent on different factors, including the size of a tree, company, and location of a tree, the condition of a tree, surrounding environmental factors and degree of risk and more. It is top to simply contact a local tree service and request a guess for fallen tree removal. They will ask you a series of questions to support gauge an average price over the phone. Then they will come out in person to assess the condition of the tree and providing the last estimate. As for average costs, tree removal prices can be as low as $120 and as high as $800 or more. Refer to the guide below for average tree removal cost guesses:

20 to 30 Feet =$100 – $500

30 to 70 feet = $500 – $800

80+ feet = $1000

Extra costs to consider

Aside from tree removal, there are some plus costs to be alert of. Some firms charge plus (up to 50 percent more) if trees are obstructing or placed over utility lines, roads, power lines, buildings and more. If you want to have the stump removed as well, you will most likely face plus charges for stump removal service. This range anywhere between $150 and $600, depend on the size of the tree stump and the extent of the ungrounded root system. And it is general for tree care firms to charge a further fee of $50 to $80 for haul-away service. It is vital to ask if healing service is added in that guess given to you.

Storms happen, whether rain or the wind or lightning, storms can do pretty some damage as well. And one of the most general and widely-reported aftermaths of a dangerous storm are fall trees. When tree fall, the result can be extremely devastating, big trees can fully demolish homes, cave in roof garage and rooftops, take out telephones poles and power lines and even hard pets and people. So be careful while selecting the tree removal contractor md.

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