Will your hair extensions become thicker after washing?

Will your hair extensions become thicker after washing?


Will your hair extensions become thicker after you wash them? This is one of the most common questions that women ask before getting hair extensions. However, the answer to this question is not straightforward. You can get the best guidance from a hair extensions salon based on your case.

However, you must remember some general guidelines regarding hair extensions. The main factor that determines whether the extensions will thicken or not is the type of the extensions. Some extensions become thinner after getting exposed to water. On the other hand, some extensions absorb water and develop a thicker appearance.

Why do some hair extensions become thicker after washing?

In this article, we try to answer this question in detail so that you can get some perspective on it.

Curling pattern

Typically, the curling pattern of the hair extensions determines whether your extensions will become thinner or thicker after washing. For instance, if your extension is curly, they are likely to become thicker due to the unique nature of the bonds. On the other hand, straight extensions are not likely to become thicker.


The fiber used in the hair extension also directly impacts its final texture. For instance, if you have extensions made of real human hair, they are prone to becoming thicker. That is due to the sebum and natural oils present in your scalp. After all, natural human hair comes with three layers.

The brand of extensions

Just like other hair products, hair extensions also come in various brands. So, the quality of the hair extensions is typically not identical. Depending on where you purchased your extensions from and the brand, the final appearance of your extensions will vary.

For instance, if you buy the best quality hair extensions from a decent salon, then the extensions are not likely to thin out. On the other hand, poor-quality extensions typically start losing their allure and become thinner after a few washes. This results in the hair looking very thin and frizzy.

Good quality hair extensions come with various coatings and layers that absorb oil and moisture. As a result of this, the hair fiber remains fully hydrated and the hair strands do not lose their charm.

Care and maintenance

Just like many other things, hair extensions also require significant maintenance and care. It does not really matter whether your hair is long, medium, or short. Extensions can enhance the look significantly. But care is important if you want them to last long.

For instance, it is important to be very gentle when you are detangling your hair or washing them. Furthermore, once you have put on hair extensions, make sure that the washing is minimum. Though, if you are using clip-in extensions, make sure that you are washing the extensions at least once a month.

Those who have sewn-in hair extensions can wash the hair just like they would normally. Though, excessive washing can still harm the fibers of the hair extensions.

In the end, it is also very important to buy the right products. Hair extensions from a reputable brand will require less maintenance and will provide you with a greater value for your money.


Depending on the type of hair extensions and your maintenance habits, your hair extensions can become thinner or thicker over time. Typically, it’s okay for the extensions to become thicker but you certainly do not want them to thin out.

For more guidance, you should reach out to your nearest fusion extensions salon and voice your concerns. An expert will be able to give you the best advice and guidance regarding the care and maintenance of your extensions. hypno

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