Why Uber services are being questioned by high court?

Why Uber services are being questioned by high court?

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The Uber cabs are mainly well known for their excellent transportation facility and moreover these cabs can be booked easily either via mobile application or can be called at the registered number. In fact, at UK these cabs have become one of the most useful means of transportation that cater services for almost 24 hours.

Customers can get absolutely customized services along with pleasant travelling experience and thus the demand of these cabs are growing day by day. But recently, these cabs have called into in question by high court of London. If you check out the latest UK news online, then you will definitely come to know about the major reasons behind the same.

Why these cabs are giving competition to other taxi services in UK?

With the introduction of Uber cabs, people are now booking cabs online with the use of the company’s application and this has created a greater threatening situation for other cabs. This is one of the main reasons that this kind of can facility has been questioned by high court. To be more precise, the company has completely revolutionized and shaken the taxi-industry of United Kingdom.

The popularity of other cab companies is continuously decreasing due to the maximum facilities catered by the concerned cab company. If this goes on for a long time, then Uber will take the monopoly position in taxi industry of UK which is highly undesirable for the existing cab companies.

Different kinds of controversies are going on in the market regarding this matter but you must rely on the latest news. As per the reliable sources, the court has not given the final judgment yet but the positive responses in the market have prevented any kind of ban on the operations of this cab company.

Get an idea about the market responses

Market response of Uber cabs is quite high as the customers are pretty satisfied with the services catered by the company. Now, you need not require waiting for the arrival of the taxis rather you can get the can within few minutes of your online booking.

You can also view the actual location of the cabs so that you can call the nearest cab in your locality. This can definitely save your energy and time to a great extent as a result of which you can reach to your destination on time. On the other hand emergency conditions can also be effectively dealt with.

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