What you can expect from a Hip Replacement Surgery

What you can expect from a Hip Replacement Surgery


Yes, preparing for a hip replacement surgery can sometimes be daunting. However, knowing what to expect from the surgery can make you feel more confidence and prepared for any possible outcome. Despite the fact that hip replacement surgery has very high success rate, it is still a major procedure.

  1. What to expect during the procedure

When you go for a hip replacement surgery, you will be requested to kindly remove all of your clothing so that you wear a hospital gown instead. Your healthcare provider will give you either a blockage for your spine or a general anesthetic or numb your body’s lower half.

To begin, your hip surgeon, through the layers of tissues, will cut the side or front of the hip. He will then remove the damaged section of the bone as well as the cartilage, and leave the healthy bone intact.

Next, your surgeon will make an implantment in the socket of your prosthetics into the pelvic bone in order to replace the damaged socket. Lastly, the doctor will place the prosthetic ball in the place of the femur.

The techniques of hip replacement surgery are evolving because hip surgeons all over the world have developed techniques which are far less invasive in nature, which might reduce both the pain and recovery time as compared with the current hip replacements.

  1. What to expect after the procedure

After hip replacement procedure, your healthcare providers will move you to an area for recovery for a while as your anesthesia begins to wear away. While still in the recovery area, your medical provider will record all of your alertness, pain level well as blood pressure and comfort level. Again, medical staff will also monitor your requirement of any medications.

  1. Follow-up care

When your caregivers are convinced that you can now leave the hospital, they will first get you the tips on how you can care for your new hip in order to ensure smooth transition.

You will not be able to prepare your own meals immediately. For this reason, it is advisable that you arrange to have someone who will be preparing meals for you.

Remember that after orthopedic clinic woodbridge va, you should avoid bending down or trying to reach for anything below your waist especially if you are still recovering. So, you need to place all the items that you will need more often at your own waist so that you don’t bend down. It is advisable that you make some adjustments at your house. For instance, you should consider installing toilet seat which is raised.

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