What is sinus? Can it cause from allergy?

What is sinus? Can it cause from allergy?


Allergy can cause even sinus problem, and allergy doctor can detect this on treatment. From nasal allergy, you can also experience sinus problem which is very dangerous and is an extreme condition of the allergies. And the main cause is that when the nasal passage gets inflamed and infectious with the growth of bacteria it causes the problem of the sinus.

There are many types of sinuses and among them the common one is the ethmoid sinus problem as the front side sinus get inflamed. And this causes an extreme headache and pressure in the eyes on the upper side. As the location of the ethmoid sinus is in the skull and between the sockets of the eyes and above the nose, so the pain is in these regions mainly. They contain few bubbles with the mucous membrane containing mucus in it. Normally the mucus drains away keeping it normal.

How the sinus pain starts

But while the infection grows, the mucous membranes get inflamed and thus the mucus is unable to drain out. So it further causes the infection in the sinus region causing the disease. This infection may continuous make you suffer for 8 weeks and after that it is a normal period when it will get disappear. Mainly the problems which are being faced is the pressure in the temple region of the forehead, excessive pains in the corners of the eyes, pains in the head while you lie down and feels comfortable while you keep the head straight. And in this case, decongestants are the most useful thing which can make you feel relief. A decongestant like the Afrin can clear the airways and helps in the normal passage of the air. Helping you to get the comfort and relief from the pain. Beside Afrin you may also use forte, Naphcon, and many others are there. Take the consultation of the doctor.

Consult a doctor for good treatment

To prevent this disease always consult a sinus disease doctor who will surely advise you to avoid the contact of people suffering from common colds and running nose. This will also make your nasal passage obstructed and will make the bacteria grow in the sinus causing the pain. In that case, you can protect yourself from influenza by taking a vaccine on an annual basis. That will reduce the risk of catching a cold very easily in case you are having a weak immunity power and the tendency of having a cold.

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