What Are the Positive Effects of Being a Basketball Player?

What Are the Positive Effects of Being a Basketball Player?


Basketball is among the fastest growing sports in the world. Youth is crazy for this sport. Over 450 million people enjoy this sport all over the world. This is the reason why more and more number of youngsters are taking basketball training at the professional level and desire to play professional basketball.

Benefits of Being a Basketball Player

Anyone who plays basketball regularly can experience a wide range of health benefits. Basketball is a treasure of health benefits. It is a brilliant workout for the entire body. It can also improve your ability to take dynamic decision. Basketball can perk up your fitness level and teach skills which last a lifetime.

What are the benefits of playing basketball?

Burn Calories

Basketball practice sessions involve many athletic techniques, such as running, quick lateral movements and jumping. Depending on how rigorous you are taking your basketball practice, basketball can help you in burning calories. One hour of basketball practice can burn up to 600 calories. However, the exact number of calories burned varies from player to player. Because the calorie burning capacity of the body is based on physical health, weight and the amount of effort expended during practice.

Build Co-ordination

Dribbling, shooting and passing can improve your coordination to a great extent. To be a good basketball player, you will have to be good in dribbling, shooting and passing. These drills can help a lot in improving hand and eye coordination.

Strength Training

Basketball benefits the entire body. It helps in developing lean muscles in arms, stomach and legs. This gives you an athletic body. People who do not play basketball may not know that basketball is a physically intense contact sport. The finer you get in basketball drills, your arms, wrist flexors and hand muscles get better strengthening.

Make You a Team Player

Basketball is a team game, and if you want to win any basketball match, you need to play as a team. This game makes you realize about the importance of team work. A basketball coach defines role and responsibility of each and every player, and to win a match, players need to perform accordingly.

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