What are the fees involved for a bail bond

What are the fees involved for a bail bond


Bail Bond is also called as “surety bond”. It is a form of property pledged or deposited in the form of cash to the court in order to get release of an accused from the jail.

When the accused is not in situation to full fill the bail amount then he goes in plea of bail Bond Company. The bail bond company after hearing the accused words will gave bail to the accused only on certain conditions that is he/she has to give some security as deposit like jewellery, land deed papers and written agreement form from the accused family members or friends who in charge of fulfilling the bail amount in case accused fails to repay the amount.

There are lot many well qualified bail agents who helps the accused during his period of stay in jail.Usually most of the bail agents accept 10%of the total bail amount. As they don’t take much risk on the bonds they don’t want to lose their money.

Most of the bail bond companies charges a fees of 10 % to 15% of the complete bail amount .legally the bail rates would be of same. Anywhere between 10% to 15% of the total bond amount and that depends upon the state where you reside. For federal courts it is 15% of the bond amount and for the immigration bond it is 20% of the bond amount.

Simple tips to choose a right bail company:

  1. Go for the company that has been in the bail field for a longer period of time so that it will be having capacity to write bond for huge amounts. A well-established company is far better than the start-up ones because the well-established ones will more knowledgeable in dealing with the critical legal matters.
  2. A good bail bond agent or the company should have as many agents in its branch, so that the person who approaches for the bail need not have to wait in a long queue and their friend or family member need not have to spend unnecessarily in jail for hours together.
  • Search for the bail companies that provide bail to the accused with minimum down payments that offers loan or the one which process your request even without collateral security.
  1. Choose the company that works round the clock i.e. 24*7 ready to give their service to customers.So, that you will get bail in emergency situation also person in the jail has to get immediate bail to get released from the jail.

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