What are the different types of fibers used for making rugs?

What are the different types of fibers used for making rugs?


If you are planning to buy rugs from a rug store or through online you may be little confused regarding which type to be purchased as there are so many choices. These choices are often based on the   based on matters like its color, size, fiber used, the different manners in which they are made etc. In this article I am going to discuss the different types of fibers used for making rugs as there are significant variations in the fibers used for making rugs ranging from natural fiber to synthetic fiber.

All you need to know about rugs

Natural fiber is collected from the animals or plants. Examples are wool, bamboo, sea grass, hemp, sisal, silk etc. Some of them and their properties are explained below one by one.

Wool:  Wool is little more expensive than its counter rug store part synthetic fiber. They are generally longer, and perform better notwithstanding the natural moulting. Wool is warmer. The hand woven woolen rugs are thicker than machine made ones. They will not burn easily and is the oldest natural fiber used in rug making.  Oriental and Persian rugs are made of wool. Wool rugs do not burn easily. This is another plus point of woolen rugs.

See grass/ coir etc

Jute, coir, sea grass etc are another common material used for making rugs. They are fire resistant, anti static, durable and UV protected and more suitable for high traffic areas like family rooms, hall ways etc. But spilling of water and moisture can be problematic.  But the drawback is that these rugs are not easily cleanable. Using rug spray protector can give you some peace of mind in this regard.

Silk rugs

Silk rugs are suitable for low traffic areas and are not much durable.  They can be used as hall hangings.  For a family man who is fearful about allergic reactions do not opt for fibers made of synthetic rugs as they are not good for such people.  Natural rugs are more suitable for those who like to be eco-friendly or for those who like green life style.

Synthetic fiber rugs

Synthetic fiber is not a byproduct of plants or animals.  These are manmade fibers. They are very strong and water resistant and more durable than natural fibers. Acrylic polypropylene, polyester etc are examples of synthetic fibers. If the density of these fibers is at least one million points per square centimeter they are good to take some beating also. They come in a variety of colors and shades and therefore it will be easy for you to find out one that suits your concept.

Selection of rugs

Do not select synthetic fibers from any rugs on sale shops, based on their cost alone.  A low quality rug may be cheap, but it is not going to last long. This will make you buy another one within a short while as the present one will be worn out and not usable by that time. Consider the place where it is going to be used. If it is an area with high foot traffic go for water resistant rug that will last longer and can withstand dust and sand particle and other materials.

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