Tree Trimming and Pruning Tips

Tree Trimming and Pruning Tips

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Tree pruning and trimming can be a tiresome process. You need to trim a tree because often there would be dead branches which may cause safety issues in heavy rains or winds. It is also necessary to trim a tree to maintain its shape and size. The awkward branches growth may become an issue if not pruned on time. Many times, some insects take place on trees that can cause a tree to die. But it can be saved from this if we cut off the infected branch. There are a few tips and tricks that would help in easy tree trimming and pruning without any major problems.

Pruning Branches when they are young

Removing unwanted branches on time when they are still young and soft is easy. It would not require a lot of time and the leftover heavy scars that are left after the cutting of heavy old branch can also be saved. Young branches would not cause scarring to the tree.

Prune or Trim in Dormant Season

It is better to prune a branch in its dormant season. Do not cut a branch in any other season then in dormant state to ensure better re-growth. If only there is a better reason for you to prune a tree branch in any other season than dormant one, then only you should opt for pruning.

Prune those Branches that cross over others

Prune only those branches that are crossing paths of each other and making a mess for the growth. It would also make sure that branches grow well in the direction you want them to grow.

Cut only Weak Branches

Only weak branches that are weak and have V-shaped angles should be cut. Do not trim or prune those branches that are heavy, old and have U-angles on ends. Those branches are old and it is not advisable to scar the tree by pruning them.

Using appropriate Tools

Using appropriate tools and following all the safety measures while pruning is very important. You should not attempt tree pruning if you do not have the required equipment as it would harm you severely.  You can take help of any reliable Tree Removal Company silver spring md of your area and be ensured that there will be no safety issue. Professionals would take care of all the minute things that would ensure safe cutting and minimum hurting to the tree. They would also be equipped with proper tools and accessories.

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