Top reasons why a patio is better than deck

Top reasons why a patio is better than deck

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In case you are a house-owner who is planning to give his/her house a makeover, you may be struggling to decide between a patio and a deck. Both of these choices are highly popular. This is primarily because they provide the family a seating area outside, where guests can also be entertained. Apart from that, patios and decks both make a great place for hosting some entertainment. But before you reach out to patio builders, it is extremely important to decide between a patio and a deck.

Why are patios better than decks?

A big number of homeowners ask why patios are considered to be better than decks. Well, first of all, we are not biased at all. But, based on the reviews of most people, patios tend to be far more popular. And, there are many good reasons for this.

In general, patios tend to0 give more value for the money. It is this bigger bang for your buck that makes them highly desirable. However, in the end, everything comes down to personal choice and preferences. As in, a big number of people would not really have any problem going an extra mile, in order to build a beautiful deck outside.

Nevertheless, if you are personally inclined towards getting a beautiful patio rather than a deck, congratulations! We believe that patios are indeed better than decks for the following reasons:

They require lower maintenance

In case you have received a good service by a reliable patio installer, your patio is bound to last longer. This is because they are far more durable as compared to decks. Furthermore, they also require lesser maintenance from your side. Though, do note that you will have to get it resealed after every two to three years. In comparison, decks have to be sealed after every year.

They are budget friendly

Even if you choose economic materials to build a deck, it will cost you about $30 or even more for every square foot. In comparison, patios are very budget friendly. They cost about $15 on average for every square foot. This, however, also varies depending on the material that you have used. For some luxury materials such as granite, the costs may be much higher.

Still, on average, patios are far cheaper as compared to decks.

Patios have long lifespan

The materials and construction of a patio is done in a way, so as to make it last in extreme temperature and weather conditions. Due to this reason, patios tend to have a longer life as compared to decks. On average, this life spans up to 20 years.

There are an endless array of options

One yet another great thing about patios is that you have an endless array of design options here. Today, you can find patios made of stamped concrete, porcelain tiles, bricks, and a lot more. Furthermore, they can also be dyed and stained, in order to suit the preferences of the homeowner. In comparison, decks tend to come in just one uniform look. While decks can also be dyed and stained, this will usually cost a lot more and may even burn a hole in your wallet.

Ending note

Considering all of the above advantages of patios, by now, you should be convinced that they are indeed better than decks. However, if you still like the look of a deck and can keep up with its added costs/maintenance, go for it! We would also recommend you to reach out to patio contractors Long Island, in order to get further advice. This will ensure that you are getting the maximum value for the money that you are spending.

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