Tips To Help You Choose a Quality Commercial Kitchen Appliance Service Company

Tips To Help You Choose a Quality Commercial Kitchen Appliance Service Company

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Appliances that work properly are crucial for your restaurant’s operation, which is why instead of settling for the first commercial kitchen appliance service company you encounter online, it is a must to look for a few features first. Although any service repair company can repair appliance units, there is no guarantee that they can do it properly.

Hiring commercial appliance repair services

Aside from hiring a repair company which has already been in the business of restaurant service for many years, it is also a must to hire technicians who undergo continuous education courses. Being part of the industry for decades doesn’t do the repair company or you any good if the only thing they know is how to repair appliances in restaurants made 5 decades ago and are not in use these days anymore.

Reputation of commercial appliance repair technician

Make sure you check the reputation of the repair company you plan to hire. There could be several testimonials from previous clients. But, are there complaints that the company doesn’t put on their website. Try to dig around online first to check the way the company operates and what people have to say about them.

Factory Trained

An appliance technician is expected to be factory trained and must have the necessary knowledge required to take care of your appliance units whatever their brand might be. Even though the technician is familiar with the unit he is working on, there is a chance that he is not completely aware of the other nuances of the specific model and make of the appliance, which might only do your unit more harm than good.


Technicians who will work on your equipment must be currently and properly insured for you and their peace of mind. Make sure that you inquire about it if you don’t want to foot the bill of possible damages they inflict on your unit or restaurant as a whole.


If your unit or its parts are currently under warranty, is the repair service going to honor it? There is no reason for you to pay for any faulty appliance or part that must still be covered under warranty. Many commercial appliance units and their parts are backed by a standard 1 year manufacture warranty.

The next time you find yourself in need of repair of appliances in your restaurant, like commercial refrigerator repairs vienna va, make sure you get in touch with an expert company that has the qualities mentioned above.

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