Tips to Care for Your Stone Walkways and Patios from Your Reliable Stone Patio Contractor

Tips to Care for Your Stone Walkways and Patios from Your Reliable Stone Patio Contractor

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Ask any stone patio contractor, and they will surely tell you that caring for your stone patios is a big must.

Once the warmer and nicer weather starts to take hold, and the colder months are finally saying goodbye as the white stuff melts away, you know that it signals the time to bring out your gloves and garden tools to do some outdoor landscaping. One of the first places that need your attention is none other than your stone patio and walkways.

They Need Care as Much as You Do

For your stone patio and walkway, whether it is made of slate, travertine, or limestone, make sure that you give them the right kind of care as you do for your floors and counters made from granite and other kinds of natural stones. It might also be time for you to look for and remove stains from stone patio. The great news is that most of these outdoor stains are pretty much organic because of fallen leaves, and other debris, so removing them is relatively easy. You just need to mix acetone and baking soda to a pancake batter’s consistency Place this poultice directly over the stains. Let this sit overnight and remove it from the stain. You will see an instant improvement, and it may call for a few more attempts. For too deep stains, you might want to get the assistance of a restoration specialist. Whatever course of action you take, remember to re-seal the stone right away.

Other Tips to Care for Your Outdoor Stone

  • When you move your outdoor furniture, don’t slide and lift it instead to avoid scratching or damaging the stone.
  • You can provide maximum protection for the surface against etching, stains, or spills through frequent sealing of the outdoor stone surfaces.
  • Use nylon brush every time you clean to agitate grime and dirt. Many other kinds of brushes tend to be very abrasive on stones.
  • Remove fallen debris right away such as flowers, leaves, and other plants from the stone surfaces. These will deteriorate and could stain your surfaces.

Finally, a stone veneer contractor will tell you that most outdoor stone surfaces are now made of concrete, which is a man-made surface which usually requires an acid based formula for a more effective cleaning. You can look for these acidic based stain removers and cleaners at many hardware shops. Just make sure you keep them away from any natural stone surface.

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