These 10 Habits Are Lessening Your Car’s Life

These 10 Habits Are Lessening Your Car’s Life


Driver make many mistakes like not using vehicle window tinting that reduce the life of their cars. Below are more such mistakes or things that can lessen the life of your car. Make sure you avoid them and use auto glass tinting.

Expert tips on car maintenance

  1. Not Using Parking Brake

It is one of the most common things drivers do while parking the car. Not using parking brake puts more pressure on the pawl which can get damaged. If the drivers continue not using this brake, the pawl will stop working very soon. When you will need this brake in emergency, it will not work at all leading to accidents and reduced life of the car.

  1. Keeping a Dirty Car

A lot of people don’t clean or wash their cars for months and even years. This leads to dirt and dust accumulation in critical parts of the engine. The car stops working and develops many other technical issues as well. It also reduces the life of your car. So be careful about it and wash as well as clean your car on regular basis as advised by auto window tinting services.

  1. Hitting Humps and Potholes

Many drivers don’t care about the ground obstacles while they are driving. They don’t know what kind of damage hitting humps can do. It does three things to a car; weakening the shock absorber, disturbing wheel alignment and damaging the steering. These things definitely reduce the car life which occurs due to drivers’ negligence.

  1. Resting Foot on the Clutch

When you have a manual car, there is no reason to put your foot on the clutch. It just puts extra pressure on it. As you rest the foot on the clutch, it moves against the engine pressure plate. They are in opposite direction and affect the friction material. It can lead to serious damages.

  1. Driving with Almost-Empty Fuel Tank

It has been seen that many drivers keep the fuel tank almost empty. They believe it will save them some money. But they are mistaken. What they ignore is the outcome of this factor on the fuel system. With low fuel in the tank, the fuel system may get damaged. It is the most expensive part in the car. You will end up damaging the fuel system and spend a lot of money too.

  1. Revving the Car Engine

Have you ever noticed that many drivers start their cars abruptly when the engine is cold? I am sure many of you might have done it. This thing is even prohibited in the instructions. It is seriously damaging for the car and its internal parts according to auto window tinting experts. Start the car slowly and let the engine warm up so that it can bear the pressure of over speeding. Otherwise you will just reduce the life of your car’s engine.

  1. Ignoring the Warning Signs

When the car is not working in its ideal condition and has some issues, it sends warning to the drivers. Like you will get a message of warning when the fuel tank is to go empty, bad tires, engine light and the others. The purpose of a warning is to alert the driver so that the issue can be fixed on the right time. If they ignore these signs, they will end up repairing the cars with a major jolt to its life and performance.

  1. Not Changing the Oil

Every car needs to change the oil after a certain time. But many drivers ignore this factor. It has serious and damaging effects on the car engine which leads to low performance, slow response and reduced speed. Sometimes, gears may not work due to this issue when it is prolonged.

  1. Driving Aggressively

Aggressive drivers harm themselves as well as their car. Such people meet accidents and damage the car as well. It has many consequences that are hard to be described here. The experts recommend to avoid aggressive driving because it can ruin your car.

  1. Not Using Window Tinting

Vehicle window tinting is an important thing that is often ignored. Auto window tinting springfield VA protects the window glass as well as help keep inside of the car cool in hot weather. The temperature remains normal and you will not need to turn on your AC which will improve the life, performance of the car as well as consume less fuel.

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