The Timeless Charm Of Wood Interior Shutters

The Timeless Charm Of Wood Interior Shutters

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For a timeless kind of rustic charm, discounted wood shutters are an unmatched taste in quality window treatments. Look beyond what may be a pricey upfront outlay for these rugged fixtures, and you’ll find long-lasting, attractive treatments that pay for themselves in short order in both energy savings by holding hot and cool air in and the proven-significant curb appeal and resale value they add to homes in any style on any local market.


Choose just the right plantation wood shutters from the beginning, and your treatments should realistically last stylishly for as long as you own your home. Any home improvement one-stop shop or hardware store should point you toward a massive selection of interior shutters, but beware the drawbacks to metal or synthetic fixtures. Plastics are decidedly less expensive and do tend to hold up to moisture much better than wood, which can and will expand and warp under wet, humid conditions in bathrooms and kitchens. Be that as it may, they also aren’t as overall tough as well-crafted wooden shutters.

Metal shutters are definitely tough, but not invulnerable. You’ll always have to worry about rust, for one thing. Meanwhile, hail and stray debris can dent shutters as quickly as they can break wood.


Meanwhile, wood is relatively easy to repair, refurbish, personalize. When you pick a high-quality wood to start with, such as a solid and durable hardwood from the oak family, it becomes much easier to paint, sand and repeat as needed with the right finishing to prepare wood interior shutters for a lifetime of handsome, stylish decoration and lighting and air control.

When the time comes to install your wooden interior shutters, Maryland offers a host of professionals who will be glad to assist you if needed. Some wood plantation shutters come equipped with clear do-it-yourself instructions to talk homeowners step-by-step through a successful process that will promote their long life of use. Though it probably goes without saying, painting or staining are projects best explored before putting them up in order to save an expensive, ugly mess on and around your windows.


Hopefully, one of the first things you’ll notice is that your wood interior shutters project a far greater strength in their appearance than more flimsy-looking polymer fabricated shutters with an obvious plasticity. It isn’t just an appearance issue; genuine wood interior shutters are far more structurally sound and authentically sturdy.

Functionally, the thickness of your shutters’ louvers also dictates the atmosphere they’ll create when fully open. A thinner shutter-slat width lets in far more light and also affords a better view out, but also makes it easier to peer inside. However, even wood interior shutters provide a more appreciable functionality and aesthetic appeal than blinds or even window shutter contractor. In the end, very little compares to the natural quality and character of all-natural wood.

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