Taking care of your hair during fall season

Taking care of your hair during fall season


The fall season is almost here and with the changing weather come new trends. The colour palette changes to a warmer shade. Fashion trends bend more towards the comfy/cosy side. Now that the humid season is over we can all make our annual trip to the hair salon and maybe get Brazilian Keratin straightening. And for someone like me, it gets confusing when deciding what haircut I should go with or what hair colour would suit me the best. Apart from the trends, your hair requires extra care due to the extremely dry weather which can leave your hair brittle and dead.

Getting Ready for Fall Season

This is a compilation of some ideas on how you can prep your hair for the cold weather to come.

Chop them up

First things first get rid of the split ends. Dry and brittle hair completely ruins the look. Let’s get one thing straight. There is no treatment for split ends. It is likely your hair won’t grow any longer due to the damage. They are easily the most damaged part of a hair strand. Therefore, you must get a trim every two months to grow longer and healthier hair. It helps give your hair a more luscious look.

Organic Hair Treatments

This step is not exactly limited to fall season but during the fall season, your hair requires extra attention. The dryness in the air and makes your hair prone to dandruff and other hair problems. Using organic hair treatments can help you achieve results that are more long term. You must avoid usage of synthetic or alcohol-based products as it strips off the natural oils from your scalp. Use of coconut oil or olive oil can make your locks more radiant and thick.

Add a little tint

Getting a colour treatment is also recommended. This gives your hair a fresh look and changes your entire aura in a go. Fall brings a range of nice shades to turn to when you are planning to dye your hair. Getting hair highlights can make your hair look naturally coloured and stylish at the same time. Some good hair colours can also nourish your hair and add life to those lifeless locks. Fall is the best time to experiment with your hair so be spontaneous and get that hair makeover that you’ve been wanting for so long.

Get Heat resistant products

During fall, hair dryer usage usually goes to an extreme. This may dry up your hair making them look like damaged and unhealthy. So before you turn you flattening iron on make sure you use a nice heat shield to protect your hair. They not only keep the hair healthier but make the hairstyle last longer as well. In case your hair end up drying, consider going for a suitable hair treatment.

Clarifying Shampoo

During the fall season, the hair tends to get greasy much easily due to the styling products. Moreover, the chlorine buildup from the tap water further blocks up your scalp. Which is why we recommend that you start the new season with a professional hair treatment that clears up your scalp. To make any hair treatment last longer, try using specialized shampoo as recommended by your hair stylist. You can also make use of a clarifying shampoo every two weeks to get clean shiny hair. If you have coloured hair, be careful when you are using these as they may strip off the colour.


Fall is the season for intense hair care. At the same time, it is the time of the year when you require specialized hair treatments the most. So pick up that phone and give a call to all the top rated hair salons Rockville, in order to improve the way your hair look!


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