Some best way to lose weight fast for everybody

Some best way to lose weight fast for everybody


Decreasing the excess weight and becoming physically fit is the craze of the youth irrespective of male or female differences. They go on trying different diets and exercises to achieve their long cherished dream.   Women are crazy about weight loss plan for men and go on searching the web for knowing how to lose weight fast for women. For such people I am going to describe some easy and useful methods to lose their weight.

  1. Eat one type of food only once per day

If you are eating toast at breakfast, you may chose brown rice with spinach for lunch and eat chapattis and egg curry for dinner.  By changing your eating habit like this you unknowingly make your eating plan fail-safe. This helps to add a wide variety of nutrients to your diet each day. It also increases your energy level and satiety level.

  1. Eat legumes regularly, at least four times a week

A study report furnished in European Journal of Nutrition has asserted that a group of people who included legumes at least four times in a week in their diet have lost their weight faster. Fiber and antioxidant compounds in legumes expedite the weight loss process.

  1. Make sure that sleep for 6 to 8 hours are obtained

A scientific study has shown that person who sleeps for 6 to 8 hours daily loses their body weight by 6 pounds within a period of 14 days and this is the best way to lose weight fast. So if you plan to reduce the body weight faster make sure that you get good sleep. Positive results will be seen after following the above condition for about one week.

  1. Drink lot of water

Drinking more water reduces the possibility of over eating and produces healthy digestion. It is advisable that you drink one liter of water for every 50 pounds of your weight. This is also considered as the answer to the question how to lose weight fast for women

  1. Reduce the intake of processed food and salt

According to another study about lose weight fast diet, it has been found that reducing the levels of sodium and potassium in your body can help you in reducing the body weight. This can be achieved by reducing the consumption of processed food and salt.

  1. Do high intensity interval training

It has been found to be extremely beneficial to lose weight faster by doing minute per minute exercise strategy. As per this strategy one exercise like squats, pushups etc are done for 20 seconds and taken rest for 10 seconds.  This routine is repeated for four minutes and then one minute rest is given.  This is one round of exercises and such rounds will be repeated four times.

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