Salient advantages and benefits of the hip replacement surgery

Salient advantages and benefits of the hip replacement surgery


You may have heard about the Hip Replacement surgery but doesn’t know what kind of benefits it can provide or who should approach the doctor for the same. If the hip is severely injured by an accident or you can have old age ailments like arthritis or by any other condition then you should think about this option. The problems in the hip can be fatal and restraint you from doing day to day chores properly and even it can give you sleepless nights as well. If the problem gets severe then you may lose the power of walking too. In these cases, the hip replacement is the best option that you can resort to.

An overview of hip replacement surgery

This surgery process is also known as the total hip replacement surgery or hip hemiarthroplasty or hip arthroplasty. This surgery is very common yet a major one as well. In this operation, an orthopedic surgeon tries to replace the affected hip joint with an insincere one so that you can return back to your normal life again.

During the operation, the surgeon discards the damaged head of the femur or thighbone and then change the hip ball and socket joint with an artificial one by implanting the same in the femur. The main objective of the surgery is to give the patient more agility in walking and enable him again to do household chores without any problem.

Advantages of hip surgery

  • If your hip is damaged and even after using the anti-inflammatory medicines and various exercises and therapies you are not getting any relief then you should take the advantage of this.
  • This surgery is beneficial universally for all age groups.
  • Another important advantage of this surgery is that it is cost effective.
  • There are various advanced process and methods of surgery which are aimed to give more advantage to the patients. Computer-assisted implant placement and resurfacing are some of the examples which can help the patients to get rid of this problem for a longer period of time.

Benefits of hip replacement

  • With this surgery one can see the improved results and reduction in hip pain.
  • The results of this surgery can be reaped for longer years.
  • The hip surgery is the best way to restore the patients’ ease and comfort.
  • After the surgery, the patient can experience the increase in leg strength.

In Hip Replacement surgery McLean VA, you can experience the drastic improvement in your hip related problems.

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