Role of protein in healthy pregnancy diet

Role of protein in healthy pregnancy diet


Different doctors may be having different opinion regarding the extent of protein to be included in the daily diet of a pregnant woman. But there will be no dispute among them about the importance of protein in the daily diet of a pregnant woman. Protein helps the pregnant woman by supporting her in some important body functions and it supports the child in the womb by providing enough raw material for growing up.

Daily quota for pregnant woman

Different dieticians prescribe different amount of protein needs for a pregnant woman. These fluctuations are actually reflecting the ever changing food pyramid that is suggested by USDA. Based on the latest information and facts reveled in the latest medical research. Some researchers say that only 10-50 grams of protein per day is needed for a pregnant woman whereas there are others who suggest that 90+ grams of protein is the need per day. This being the situation, most practitioners suggest 60 grams of protein per day and this seems to be reasonable. This quantity will be sufficient during the first trimester and the same will be enough for the successive trimesters. The importance of protein is very prominent in pregnancy and keeping this in mind some doctors do not allow the pregnant woman to follow vegetarian diet. Body makes use of protein in different ways. Protein’s nutritive power allows it to do multi tasking to its most effective level.

Mothers waste removal system is over active during pregnancy: The waste removal system works over time to keep the body pure from impurities.  The blood stream, the liver, the kidneys etc perform to the fullest to scour toxins from the body. Protein is helpful in digestion as well as waste removal. As the food is digested they are broken into small components, the smallest being sponge-like molecules. These protein sponges are used to soak up and keep away the waste particles. With insufficient protein the waste will be accumulated resulting exhaustion.

Protein’s role in fetal development

Protein contains amino acids, fatty acids and omega -3 which are very important in the baby’s development. Amino acids are considered as the basic building blocks of life.

Maintains mother’s blood sugar:  Proton plays an important role in maintaining a steady blood sugar level for the mother. This eliminates mood swings, morning sickness etc. It also  makes the mother energetic and helps her in controlling her appetite.

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