Know-how of the Cognitive behavioral therapy

Know-how of the Cognitive behavioral therapy


The cognitive behavioral therapy is a therapy that assists in managing the problems occurred due to the change in thoughts and behavior of an individual. This therapy is most commonly used to deal with the anxiety and depression. Though, it can also be used in many other mental and physical disorders but anxiety and depression are the major areas of healing from this therapy. Basically, this concept is based on the thoughts, feelings and the physical sensations and actions of an individual. It helps to change the negative thoughts and feelings and improve the way of thinking in a positive way.

Use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

CBT deals with the current problems and works to improve the state-of-mind. This therapy can be used in many different mental health conditions. Apart from the anxiety and depression, it can be used in panic disorder, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, sleeping and eating disorders.

In addition to these, CBT is also used in treating the long-term health conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. One thing that needed to be clear, CBT cannot cure the disorders but it can help to cope up with the symptoms of these disorders.

Different types of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

This therapy can be carried out in different types, like:

  • One-to-one session, called as Individual Therapy
  • Discussing with others who have the same problem, called as group therapy
  • Carry out the exercises with the help of book, called as a self-help book
  • Deal with computerized CBT, called as a Computer Program

Pros and Cons of this Treatment:

Many researchers gave positive feedback of this treatment and considered as an effective medication for treating many mental disorders.

Advantages of this treatment:

  • It can be completed in short period of time in comparison to other known therapies
  • It can be used in different forms, including individual, groups, self-help books and computerized therapy.
  • Under this therapy, patient can learn the skills that help to deal with future difficulties or disorders.

Disadvantages of this treatment:

  • This treatment involves dealing with the feelings, sometimes patient feel uncomfortable in the initial sessions of the treatment.
  • CBT only considers the current problems and focuses only any particular problem.
  • This treatment is mainly suitable for the people of complex mental disorders.
  • This treatment is based on the patient’s capacity to deal with their thoughts and behaviors.

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