How To Select A Walk In Cooler

How To Select A Walk In Cooler

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Almost all public dealing businesses require some practical application of a walk in cooler repair. But, with so many companies in the market, how would you know which one is best for you?

We have written a commercial guide in order to select the most appropriate walk in cooler for your business.

What Size of Walk in cooler Do You Want?

There are different sizes of walk in coolers. They are available in a diverse range, i.e. as small as four by five feet boxes (step in boxes) and as big as custom model requirements.

According to people from commercial appliances repair department, it is important to know that all of these dimensions are measured from exterior and not interior.

Contact a representative from a walk in cooler company, take the dimensions of your place and then place your order.

Types of walk in coolers

Two types of insulations are mainly used in installation of walk in coolers. Foamed in place and standard lamination.

Unlike foam placings, where an insulator is installed between two metallic bolted plates, lamination procedures are performed using hot epoxy resins.

People prefer foamed in place insulation in warmer climates because laminate in known by its pulling away property in hot & humid conditions but in all other cases, lamination is better than foam.

Flooring Factor

You can have a walk in cooler for your business, with or without pre-installed flooring. Getting built-in floors are awesome because they are very energy efficient.

You will find out that most outdoor walk in coolers have flooring. This is because they mostly rest on slabs of concrete, which makes them harder to cool.

For walk in coolers without flooring, it is recommended to install them with either rubber or foam screeds. In addition, diamond tread plates are available, which protect employees from skidding, in case of water on the floor.

Outdoor Walk In Coolers

These walk in coolers are installed outside the room/lounge. People like outdoor walk in coolers because they save spaces. If you have a ground level, you don’t even need a concrete slab and custom specs. Just order a unit, get a walk in cooler repair guy and voila – you are good to go.

The outdoor walk in coolers are also advantageous due to location of their condensers. The hot air directly displaces outside, instead of emitting warm air into the building (like that of indoor walk in coolers)

For long term working of an outdoor walk in cooler, install a shade over it (to protect from intense heat) and if your business is in place of a high crime area, you need to install fences, gates and lockable bars for keeping your condenser safe.

Indoor Walk In Coolers

The best part about indoor walk in coolers is ease of accessibility. Instead of moving outside to obtain stored food every time, you will have access to cold food inside the building.

Overall, an indoor cooler costs less, in terms of buying and maintenance. They also don’t require accessories like fences because your cooler is inside the building. It will be protected automatically. Plus, you won’t get to see a giant metal box attached to your building, which are installed in outdoor walk in coolers. This helps maintain the attractiveness of your property. (Remember, in case of outdoor walk in coolers, sometimes local government asks you to conceal your units inside a fence, this adds up to the cost).

The only catch of indoor walk in coolers is that they will occupy indoor space.

Exterior Finishing

Okay, you have gotten a cooler but your purchase will be incomplete without exterior finishing. This is done to enhance beauty, aesthetics and to add more functionalities to your bought coolers. For instance, people like to opt for cam lift hinges which automatically close the door.

Similarly, when purchasing indoor walk in coolers, people mostly opt for door windows and strip doors. Door windows bring more light to your unit, enabling you to see the insides of your cooler, very clearly from the outside while strip doors retain the cold air.

Also, walk in cooler repair owners suggest that a walk in cooler can take impact from nearby moving furniture and carts so in places where a lot of transportation is done, business owners hire commercial appliances repair Alexandria people, who install kick plates & bumpers for minimizing force impact.

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