How to Select a Spine Surgeon?

How to Select a Spine Surgeon?


Getting spinal surgery is often said as a self-decision. One should decide on his own if there is requirement for a surgery or not. Doctors rarely suggest for the surgery to their patients. It is allowed only when, patients feels that the back pain is unbearable and they would not be able to carry out their routines without surgery. Selecting a spine surgeon for your back pain can be a difficult task. You have to consider a set of different parameters before proceeding with your surgery.

Selecting a Spine Surgeon

Educate Patient

It is the responsibility of a surgeon to educate completely about the surgery to their patients. Patient should not be under any type of illusion. They should be aware about the pros and cons as well as the resting time required for the surgery to get healed. Patient should not require help of other doctors for the surgery. A surgeon should spend some time with their patients to get them mentally prepared for the surgery.

Selecting between Neurosurgeon or Orthopedic Surgeon?

Most of the times patients gets confused as to which doctor would be right for their back issue, but one thing that should be kept in mind is mostly neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeon works together to carry out a spine related surgery. Both the doctors understand each other’s works and would collaborate as per the requirement of surgery. Though they would recommend opting for the either for specialized surgeries in special cases.

Time Devoted to Surgery

This is the most important part of considering a spine surgeon. What is the amount of time these surgeons have spent in performing spine surgeries? A resident doctor who is practicing since years or who have huge experience is better suited for any surgery. These doctors have handled complicated and simple cases as well. They would have practical knowledge to understand complexities and fixing them.

Orthopedic and spine specialist woodbridge often know the best surgeon suited for a surgery. They would suggest you best names in the area or elsewhere. You can take help of their suggestions and those surgeons should be given preference on others if required. You can also ask previous patients who have undergone a spine surgery and what was their experience. This would help you to understand the complete scenario of the surgery from start to end. It would also give idea about the surgery cost from medications to other requirements.

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