How To Repair Damaged Hair

How To Repair Damaged Hair


Broken and damaged hair could make your hair look dry and rough, however, you can get your damaged hair repaired by visiting top rated hair salons. Here are some tips that can help you in restoring your damaged hair.

Avoid Exposure to the Sun

The ultraviolet rays from the sun damage your hair to a greater extent especially when your hair is exposed to the sun much frequently. If you don’t protect your hair from the blazing sun rays then they are likely to get color fade, split ends and rough appearance. Hence, the first step towards repairing and protecting your hair and also hair extensions from damage is to limit the contact of your hair with the sun. If you still have to go out every day and face the sun then ensure that you cover your hair properly either with a hat or a scarf, but you do.

Cut Off the Dead/Split Ends

There are numerous factors that can damage your hair and create the split or dead-ends at the tip of your hair. These dead ends need to be trimmed in order to restore your damaged hair. Tough, it is not mandatory to get a deep cut, a few inches of split ends needs to be chopped.

Get a Haircut

If your hair has damage of more than split and dead ends then you are recommended to get a proper haircut. A haircut sort of refreshes your hair and is a great way to eliminate all the damaged and rough hair off your head and help you to slay in the new stunning look. An ideal haircut to get rid of damaged hair is the feathery or layered cut.

Avoid Heat Styling

Heat causes a lot of damage to your hair and recurrent use of heat styling tools could be the worst thing you can do to your hair. Before you start noticing serious damage to your hair, limit the use of hot styling tools. However, if the damage has already been done and you want to get that refiled hair of yours repaired then the first thing you need to do is lock away your heat styling tools and use other (non-heating) styling ways.

Change the Hair Products You Use

Not every hair product would suit you and those who won’t can cause harm to your hair. If you buy a new pack of hair products, observe carefully if your hair is getting better or much worse than before. If the result is against the health of your hair then understand that the products you are using need to be changed right away. If you cannot find the right hair products for the type of hair you have, you can visit pros for guidance.

Manage Wet Hair with Due Care

Normally, hair is extremely susceptible when they are wet. It is therefore extremely important that you handle your wet hair with care so that they don’t get damaged. The things that you got to do if you want to repair your damaged hair are:

  • Stop brushing your wet hair. You can, however, brush them when they are completely or 90% dried.
  • To untangle your hair, use a wide-toothed comb that can easily run through your hair without causing breakages.
  • Rather rubbing your hair faster to dry them, use a soft towel (microfiber recommended) and slowly pat and blot the wet hair.
  • Never tie your hair with an elastic band as it results in breakage.

Follow these prevention tips carefully and feel the change in your hair.

Oil Your Hair

Oiling could be the best therapy to heal your damaged hair. Apply oil on your hair scalp and rest of the hair and massage gently. There are several hair oils that are proficient in restoring your dead hair.

Get Keratin Treatment Done

If you are done trying every tip and still don’t see any results then go a reliable hair salon and get a professional keratin treatment done. It is the best treatment to straighten hair and repair them. Don’t stress out about your extremely injured hair, visit a keratin treatment salon Rockville, sit back, relax and get your hair straightened and repaired.

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