How to organize a school prom night?

How to organize a school prom night?


Are you organizing a school prom night for the first time? Well, it can be a difficult task to ensure that everything is in place! Never start planning at a short notice. Arranging for a prom night can be made easier if you follow these simple step by step procedures:

  • Select the right set of candidates to be part of your organizing committee who will be sincere and responsible towards their responsibilities. Seek the advice of teachers or fellow students who have organized prom nights earlier.
  • Chalk out your budget before formal planning. Appropriate allotment of funds for every task and item should be done sensibly. If you are falling short on money, hold a school fundraiser or ask for donations. The funds should be collected well within the time. A group should be formed to monitor the utilization of funds.
  • Security should be taken seriously. For an event to be successful, everyone should feel safe and be able to enjoy without having to think about rules and regulations. If somebody misbehaves, it can spoil the prom night and months of hard work that has gone into it.
  • Cut out a plan to set up the function. A punch and snack area with a few tables and chair are a must. Cookies and punch can easily fit within your budget and are easy to stock up. The majority of the area can be used for dance floor and music.
  • Hire upcoming bands who would like to have a gig. You can pay them if you feel they are good performers or if they ask for remuneration.
  • Decide the venue. The school will allow their gym or hall area for prom nights. If they do not have one, you can rent out a nice building and decorate it.
  • The organizers should have a checklist of items and to-do list which can come handy. It can give total control of how things are progressing. A checklist will also red flag the pending work that cannot be left unfinished till the last minute. The prom area can be set up with tables, chairs, food and drinks.
  • On the D-day, arrive early to ensure that everything is in place.

Organizing a school prom night is a great responsibility that requires detailed planning and synchronization between the team members. If you want a professional help, get in touch with an event management company who can help you organize a school prom night.

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