How To Maintain Your Heat Pump Yourself

How To Maintain Your Heat Pump Yourself

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A heat pump like many other household appliances requires regular maintenance. If it is not maintained according to the schedule and manual, it will simply deteriorate before time. Heat pumps are designed to be tough and rigid heating and cooling systems. If it is left ignored, its efficiency and performance will suffer in the long run. Therefore, several important steps laid out by HVAC companies should be followed and implemented to maintain your heat pump yourself.

Maintaining The Outdoor Unit

Outdoor Evaporator Coil

To begin with, check the outdoor evaporator coil to see if it is covered with any dust or debris. The accumulation of dust and debris can reduce the transfer of heat between the coils and the surrounding air that is carrying the heat. Furthermore, using a pressure washer to clear dust and debris is not suggested as it can damage the coil fins. Instead, use a dry vacuum or garden hose to clean the heat pump evaporator coil.

Cabinet Fasteners

In addition to that, check the cabinet and cabinet fasteners. Replace any fasteners that might be worn out, whereas tightening others to maintain the structure’s rigidity. Since heat pumps pull the air from outside, you should make sure that nothing is obstructing the airflow. Shrubbery, weed, and plants amongst many other things can give a tough time to the heat pump due to restricted airflow. Moreover, inspect the fan blades as well and clean them if required.

Snow And Ice Build Up

During the winter season, ice and snow build up on top of the unit can also restrict the airflow. If the snow and ice are left ignored, it will become a mixture of dirt and dust, potentially causing even more damage. Once you are done cleaning the fan blades and the snow and ice buildup. It is now time to check the drain openings of the base pan. Cleaning the base pan will remove excess water and ice build-up inside the outdoor compartment.


Lastly, check the compressor and electrical wirings. Additionally, inspect the coil fins and straighten them out if found bent.

Maintaining The Indoor Unit

Air Filters

When it comes to maintaining the indoor unit of a heat pump it is always recommended to replace the air filters at least every 6 months. However, it depends on the amount of dirt in the atmosphere. If the weather has been tough for a while due to sandstorms and thunderstorms etc. you will need to replace the air filters much sooner. Air filters are the lungs of a heat pump. If they are dirty or damaged, the heat pump will have to work harder to produce heat. As a result, it will put it under excessive strain. Many professionals suggest that air filters should be changed every month.


Next, inspect the ventilation ducts for any obstructions. Furthermore, make sure that any item or object that may cause obstruction is removed. The airflow should be free, which will provide a sufficient amount of heat to keep your house warm at all times.

Once you are done inspecting the ventilation ducts, move towards inspecting the air ducts. Check for any leaks, cracks, or damage. If the air ducts happen to be damaged, hot air will escape even before it reaches you. Additionally, check the drain system as well. Since the heat pump is designed to remove moisture from the inside, the water then exits through the drainage system. Therefore, if it should be clean.

Electrical Components

After a thorough inspection of the air ducts, check the electrical components such as the wiring, capacitors, and circuit boards, etc. tighten any loose connections or replace anything that seems damaged. If possible, measure the voltage as well. Faulty connections and elements can reduce the life of parts.


Lastly, check the functioning of the thermostat. It is suggested that the thermostat should be adjusted once so that the system can operate efficiently. Constantly adjusting the temperature will reduce its efficiency. Therefore, set the indoor thermostat to ‘auto’.

Final Word

Maintaining a heat pump is easy if you were to follow the above-mentioned steps. Furthermore, heat pumps are not cheap and not everyone can afford to buy a new unit when the existing one breaks down. Therefore, you should perform regular maintenance on your behalf to prevent and avoid any damage otherwise. A recommended action is to hire heat pump repair services Arlington VA for repairs and maintenance.

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