How to decorate wedding tent ceilings?

How to decorate wedding tent ceilings?


Once you have fixed the tent for your wedding celebration, you will be wondering how to transform it into a beautiful and unique location for the most special day of your life. Let us consider some best ways to carry out decoration of the wedding tent with the help of wedding tent rental company.

Lined Ceiling

It will be an elegant way to choose a ceiling liner to cover the entire ceiling of the tent.  With a pleated fully lined ceiling much beauty and attraction will be added to the tent without paying much money as most companies include this in their rent for the wedding tent.

Hanging flowers

Decorating by hanging flowers is a natural and excellent method. Bohemian, rustic and natural themes are commonly used in flower hangings. Flowers of different colors give you the freedom to express your creative talents.


Draping is a great way to add depth and texture to the decoration. Draping from central point to outer edges on the ceiling is the most common form of draping decoration. Mixing of fabrics and colors with string lights to flow will be gorgeous.

String lights

All areas of wedding decorations are now filled with string lights. Tent ceiling decoration is no exemption to this trend.  String lights can independently add beauty to your function or it can be made a part of the tent decoration and bring more appearance. Combining string lights with crystal chandeliers will be perfect for wedding decorations.

Crystal chandeliers

These days’ crystal chandeliers have become an inseparable part of every wedding celebration.  Something about them adds elegance and attraction to a wedding function.  Use of standalone chandelier as well as multiple chandeliers etc can be adopted depending upon the budget and the elegance needed.

Paper lanterns

This is a cheap and easy way to add fun and color to the. Different colors and sizes are available now. Paper lanterns positioned between string lights will be awesome.

Gobo lighting

This is a more advanced way of adding light, color and charm to a wedding tent. Light designs are projected these days with the help of gobo templates.  Templates can be fun floral patterns or initials of the bride and groom. You can use different light colors too.

Clear top tent

If decorating the tent becomes a tedious task for someone, he can consider booking a clear top tent. These tents have a wonderful way of opening your space to the blue sky with flooded with stars. Adding minimalistic features can bring about breath taking results.

It is advisable that you discuss the above options to your wedding rental company ny and find how far they can carry out these decoration works.

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