How much money a bail bond company make?

How much money a bail bond company make?


When you are in situation, where a family member or a close friend of yours will go to jail and they are in need your help. If the accused person is found legally innocent until he is proved to be innocent, in such scenario the accused person will be freed until the next hearing.

Usually the judge demands the accused to arrange some form of agreement which will be usually in the form cash,property, a signature bond or a property bond until the accused is officially free from the custody and this form of agreement is called as Bail Bond and if in case if the accused fails to give up a bail bond, then an arrest warrant will be issued to the accused for imposing the bail.

Bail Bond Company

Without getting the bail in the required time, your beloved person may need to spend hours together in the jail cell. The Bail bonds are generally accepted and viewed during the official event of the hearing termed as bail hearing. The process that takes place during bail hearing is , the judge meets the accused and listens to his word as whether the accused is suitable for bail or not. While considering the bail bonds the judge will tell all the facts of the accused financial status as well as other security issues.

A number of different factors are taken into considerment before setting the sum amount for the bail. At first the judge will have a sight at the accused criminal history. The one who is regular visitor to jail as criminal is likely to set a greater amount for bail rather than the accused with no criminal record. More severe the crime, more the bail amount the accused has to pay. The accused person moves to the bail bond agent when he/she isn’t capable of fulfilling the bail amount requirement. At such times they go in plea of bail Bond Company or agents.

Bail bonds

A bail bond agent or company acts as a guarantor and pledge the money or property (only when asked for the property) on behalf of the accused person in the court. Before agreeing for the post bail there are certain terms and conditions that the accused person has to fulfil like security from accused side such as jewellery .land deeds and agreements by their family or friends. The bond company will charge 10%fees and as they take lower risk, they don’t want to lose their money. If the accused has 5 bonds per week say$10,000 each, then the bond company will get a profit of $5000 for a week.

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