Get Rid of the Frizz with Brazilian Blowout

Get Rid of the Frizz with Brazilian Blowout


Many people deal with problematic hair, yet what they don’t know is that Brazilian blowout is the only solution. If you have issues with curls and frizz, Brazilian blowout is a hair strengthening solution, which is often used by popular celebrities. In fact, it’s a hot trend in the industry of beauty.

An Overview of Brazilian Blowout

If you aren’t familiar with this, Brazilian blowout is basically a hair straightening technique, which is something that won’t damage your hair. This makes hair smoother than ever. The reason behind it is because of the Brazilian keratin that’s added to your hair.

What makes Brazilian blowout unique is that it’s ideal for men and women who wish to reduce styling time and want to get rid of frizz. For people who want to have different look, it’s an option and it’s the cheapest way to eliminate curls, making your hair shiny and smooth. It only takes less than 2 hours and it’s very affordable. There are also other salons that charge less and provide discounts. Even if this must be done by professionals to ensure great results, you may also do this procedure by yourself.

Nevertheless, you’ll need carefulness and patience when this procedure. The good part with Brazilian blowout is that it does not contain formaldehyde. However, even if it’s the case, you still have to be cautious when handling the products. The first thing you should do is deciding on which Brazilian products that you’d like to use. There are several online stores that provide good package deal since this includes conditioner, shampoo, and brush. Several stores also sell an OPI brand products. Remember that you have to do a test strand. There are other salons that will advice you not to do it, but it’s still worth a try.

The Process of Brazilian Blowout

Before you start the process, testing a strand is crucial. It will provide you an idea on how your hair would react to products. You’ll also know if there’d be allergic reactions when using the products. Typically, it’d take about five hours depending on the hair’s texture. You will also have to wash your hair in a thorough manner. This will get rid of the dirt and some products from your hair. There are also tools that you will need including hair clips and rat tail combs, which are helpful to keep the hair strands in place.

See to it that there are no knots in your hair. It is important to cover your neck using a clean towel and put some gloves on. Squeeze a small amount of the treatment and rub these in the first section. Comb it and repeat until your hair is already covered. Make sure that your shower cap is ready. Put it on and leave it for twenty-five minutes. Use blow dryers to dry your hair. Utilize ceramic flat iron for straightening your hair. You have to wait for 3 days before shampooing your hair and do not place your hair in ponytail or you’ll end up with bended hair.

If you want to consider Brazilian blowout, find the best hair straightening salons rockville in your area and see how this procedure can transform your hair.

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