Fusion hair extension explained

Fusion hair extension explained


Hair is one of the most important parts of the human body. As it is on top of the head it is the most visible part of human body.  As hair is very flexible many hair styles and hair treatment plans have evolved over the years.  Wigs, human hair extensions, hair transplantation etc are some of the

Hair loss in men and women start around 40 years of age.  Rarely it starts as early as 25 or so and in some people hair fall occurs at a late age like 50 or 55. It is very distressing and therefore many methods have been developed to defeat the effect of hair falling.  Hair extensions are one of them which were in use in the ancient days itself.

Fusion hair extensions are more popular these days because it is the most traditional method the oldest method. As it is natural, trusted and long lasting the hair stylists and the clients like it most. This method is also known as glue-in or hot fusion even though this method does not use any glue at all.

Fusion extension packs

Fusion extensions normally come in packs containing 20 strands each.  These strands have square shaped tips holding individual hairs together. A strand usually consists of one gram of hair. 5 to 9 packs make a full head of fusions.  So it will be having 100 to 180 strands for hair extensions in a full head. Tip of hair extension is a square shaped keratin bond.  It remains solid till it is melted using a hair extension tool. The hair technician takes a small portion of the hair equal to the number of hair extension strands and the bond is placed over the section. The melting connectors with small plates melt and the bond is softened. The hair stylist now uses her finger and mold and shape the keratin around the hair.  Keratin hardens when cooled and thus becoming a durable and sealed bond.

Now starting from base of the head and working up sideways and backwards the small bonds are connected strand by strand. When the work is completed all the bonds lie flat over the head and they are covered by hair in the upper layers.

Hair extensions

Fusion hair does not last long. It usually lasts about five to six months. Wearing of fusion hair does not obstruct the natural growth of the hair. As the hair grows the bond gets moved further and further away from the scalp. So it is necessary to go for touch up every week so as to help your stylist to adjust the bonds by moving them closer to the scalp.

It is very easy to remove fusion hair extensions Potomac with the help of keratin bond remover. This is an alcohol based solution. This solution breaks the adhesive and the bond is loosened. After applying the solution the hair stylist waits for some time. Then he applies hair extension tool and breaks the keratin bond. Hair extension slides easily once the keratin bond is broken.

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