Find a Rug Shop Near Me – Top Qualities of Antique Persian Rugs

Find a Rug Shop Near Me – Top Qualities of Antique Persian Rugs


If you are trying to search for a rug shop near me, you are probably hunting for all original antique Persian rugs. Mind you, this kind of search requires both experience and wits. Display centers and local shops may present a mountain of selections for you to choose from, but the real thing might not be there. This is what makes it imperative to have an eagle’s eye when looking for an authentic piece.

There are several things you have to keep in mind when you deal with antiques. Being familiar with these will make the whole process of searching for rugs a piece of cake.

Among the most important things you have to know about antique Persian carpets and rugs is their place of origin.  Based on history, there are four primary producers of these rugs in Persia. Kerman, Kashan, Herat, and Tabriz are the areas with distinctive originalities and designs.


The carpets and rugs made in Herat are usually characterized by scrolling vine ornaments, leafy palms ranging from deep blue colors to light green, and red fields. Herati patterns created by the skilled Herati craftsmen make accurate symmetry and clear outlines which give emphasis on the large ornaments placed around the center of the field.


Kashan are famous for their three silk hunting carpets and rugs that bear the classic medallion like pattern, floral field decorations, and palmette to border designs. Mohstashem, the greatest weaver, is responsible for finely woven carpet, which could be either made of silk or wood with highly intricate and vivid wreath and flower vase patterns. Kashan are very famous for their ruby red and purple silk bindings.


Kerman carpets bear the very unique and original designs known as the vase technique. Garden carpets and rugs, and ogival lattice carpets are great examples with this technique. Kerman carpets and rugs are notable for their lightness in shades and their rich single color, primarily red.

If you are an avid fan of traditional rugs va, it is a must that you know and you can identify the genuine ones from the mere fakes. Your scrutiny must not be limited solely on how the item looks. You must also be able to note the texture. Make sure that you examine the weaving patterns and focus on the specific deigns on how the rugs have been crafted as these can all be traced back to the specific tribal producers of the historical ages.


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