Different types of window tints for your car

Different types of window tints for your car


More elegance can be added to your car by choosing a proper car window tinting for your car. It helps you and your passengers to be saved from unwanted sunshine. It also prevents fading of your upholstery and leather and from the formation of cracks on them in the summer heat. Here I am going to explain some important thing which everyone who wants to tint his car window should know.

Know the regulations for car window tinting

Before purchasing tints to darken you glass windows of your car, you should be knowing provisions contained in the existing laws in the country where you are living. In some countries it is against low to use dark tints which makes interior invisible to outsiders. Good shop owners engaged in the sale of tints will be knowledgeable about the restrictions prevailing in your area regarding this matter. Considering the limitations and your tastes, you can come to balanced decisions which will not harm the laws or will not overlook your tastes.

Dyed film

The first and most popular type of window tinting is by using dyes. In this method a layer of dye is put next to the adhesive and then applied to the glass. This type of tinting can block up to 50 % of the light that enters through the window. It blocks glow from headlights.  Reduced the glare of the sun and it is non-reflective. It is cost effective, looks good and allows radio signals to pass through. But it is not good in blocking heat and UV light can damage the window surface in due course of time.

Ceramic film

In this type a thin ceramic layer will be there between the top coat and the adhesive layer. It is capable of blocking 50 to 70 % the light incident on it. It also blocks uv light and will not fade overtime. It does not block radio signals and it blocks heat also. But the bad thing about this type of tinting is that it is very expensive.

Metalized film

This type of tinted films contains several layers of metalized film that can block the ultraviolet rays and heat. These are the darkest shades available in the market. So one has to make sure whether the shades are illegal or not in your particular area. It does not fade overtime and is durable also. It can block 60 to 90 % of light and therefore this is considered as the most efficient auto glass tinting springfield va material.

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