Common Mercedes Problems And Their Solutions

Common Mercedes Problems And Their Solutions


Mercedes maintenance is a huge task. It is not even easy to buy the Mercedes Benz car in the first place but if we were to compare the purchase and maintenance process and cost – it is definitely harder to maintain and care for your car by approaching the Mercedes garage near me.

Mercedes maintenance

If you own a Mercedes Benz or ae planning to finally get your hands on the car of your dreams – you need to know about some of the most common Mercedes maintenance problems that might take you to the Mercedes garage near me, every now and then!

Mercedes Problems

Problem # 1

A very common problem that you might have to face with your Mercedes Benz is that your engine does not shift from the parking gear. This is a very common default defect that can come up in the Mercedes car because of failure of the car to shift from parking gear mode even when you bring your car’s engine to running mode.


The basic cause of this parking gear shift problem is a defect in the selective module of the car. The thing about the failure of the gear to shift is that as soon as the problem in the selective module comes up, it will be detectable too because there will be a prominent fault in the running of the car. Getting your car checked as soon as possible is the first step in the solution. The next step is of course to get the selective module in the engine fixed or replaced (depending on the intensity of the problem).

Problem # 2

Many Mercedes Benz cars experience a problem that the engine creates a very disturbing rattle sound when you start your car. In mild and ignorable cases – the sound will only last for a few seconds before ceasing. In extreme cases, the sound will keep increasing in duration every time you run the engine.


The most common solution for this engine rattling sound problem is to get your engine checked. The rattling sound is most commonly caused by a disruption or lose end in the tension belt that binds the engine. If there is a fault in the belt, this can be fixed within 10 minutes at a Mercedes garage near me. However, if the damage is greater it would take a lot more time to fix and this should not be delayed for safety reasons.

Problem # 3

As your Mercedes car gets older or if you have ignored maintenance for too long – it is common to experience a leakage from the car. This leakage is mostly fuel or any other internal pipe fluid that comes out from the middle part of the car.


There can be multiple sources of the transmission leakages. It is best to look up all possible sources or causes of the leak by getting the car completely checked up from top to bottom. It is fairly easy to plug or seal the leakage once detected. You should totally look for Mercedes garage.

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