Commercial refrigerator troubleshooting tips

Commercial refrigerator troubleshooting tips

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Commercial refrigerator repairs would not be required if the unit is preserved and well maintained. It is necessary to take care of the refrigerator unit to guarantee best of performance for longer time duration. Commercial refrigerators are hub to the restaurants. Nearly half of the electricity bill comes due to running of the fridge. However, with regular maintenance of the device, it would be easy enough to save around 5-10% on the power consumption bills. There are quite a few professional firms available that offer the best commercial refrigerator maintenance services at low rates, assuring perfect peace of mind.

Different types of Commercial refrigerator repair services

Apart from refrigerator, there are professional agencies engaged in offering the best quality repairs and maintenance services for other commercial devices and appliances, like air conditioning units, gas ovens, range repairs, etc. They offer services all around the clock to add to the convenience of the client. These agencies also offer the best of refrigeration installation services. These companies offer walk-in cooler installation and repairs, boiler repairing, duct installation, air conditioning repairing services, and ice makers repairing and freezer repairing services.

Troubleshooting Scenarios

When the unit is totally dead

In case you find the refrigerator totally dead, check the plugged-in socket and wires. You are required to check properly the power outlet while verifying that the ground as well as neutral is also wired properly. In case the wired is not inserted properly, there could be chance that the device would not be functioning at all. So, it is essential to verify whether the neutral and ground is wired properly or not.

In case there is no power in outlet or disconnect, there could seriously some internal parts failure. It could also be due to loose wiring or some cable faults. Therefore, it is necessary to check the appliance properly. In order to figure out open connections and broken wires, you could easily use the non-contact voltage detector. If problem persists, it is better to contact professional service providers.

Checking on the ON/OFF switch

These devices do feature On/Off switch. You need to figure out whether the device switch is working properly or not. Also, do ensure that there is a good Neutral. With a poorly configured Neutral line, the appliance would be unable to run.

Unit is freezing up

You must ensure that the evaporator fan is running perfectly along with proper rotation. It would be necessary to melt down the ice from the evaporator firstly. Do ensure that the coil as well as fain line is clean. A reputed commercial refrigerator repairman alexandria VA would be able to control the situation with ease.

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